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common view is one of the Canadian pharmacy sites offering various kinds of medicine and medical supplies. You can find on the site almost every health product for men and women at affordable prices. However, as we did intensive research about the online drugstore, the findings suggest that it’s not a safe place to purchase medical products. Check out our detailed review of this shady website below.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2020-06-01
Owner CountryGermany
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationPOPULAR Canadian Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Domain Info


Upon checking the domain info of the website, it’s registered under Eranet International Limited, which is a web hosting provider incorporated in Hong Kong. It was first registered on June 1 last 2020, and updated on June 6 this 2021, and is about to expire next year. Therefore, the domain is not registered to last for long, which indicates that this site is not trusted. Moreover, if we check for the contact information of who owns the website, it’s redacted. This means that the owner/s are not transparent about their identity, making it more suspicious.


Website Verification


Various National and International organizations verify Canadian online pharmacies to help people find a trusted site to buy legit products. Usually, these organs such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and the National Association of Board of Pharmacies, provide lists of legitimate sites that offer high-graded pharmaceutical products. But, unfortunately, the said online pharmacy is not included on the lists of these organizations, suggesting it to be a scam website.

Furthermore, the site is flagged by LegitScript as a rogue, which possibly means that the drugs and other medicinal supplies offered in this online pharmacy are low grades or, even worse, fake. Therefore, it’s essential to check the site first before purchasing to prevent future problems.


Business Profile

The business’s name is called POPULAR Canadian Pharmacy, as indicated on the About Us page of the site. However, the title of the site suggests a different name called Canadian Cheap RX. Unfortunately, there is no clear indication of which is the correct name.

This pharmacy promises its customers affordable drugs even without prescription. It’s convenient for someone who wants to get medicine without hassle. However, when looking for a legitimate pharmacy online, the basic rule is to avoid sites offering medicine without a valid prescription. So, it’s not a reliable source of medicine and other pharmaceutical supplies.

Furthermore, the name of the business is not recognized and verified by any licensing authority. They did not also include their address or any other company information, which is the usual stunt of most scam websites. Moreover, they did not provide other ways to contact them other than a telephone number and completing a form to send them a message. The chat support system is essential for businesses like this to attend to queries of customers, but the site does not have any of that.


Trust Score


The result for the test score from a trusted scam checker for this website also shows to be very low. Based on Scamadviser, they gave it a low review with a trust score of 35 over 100. This is based on several data associated with this online pharmacy, providing more red flags than positive highlights. According to Scamadviser, they gave it a low score because it has a low Alexa Rank, and the site lacks transparency. On the contrary, the source added that the SSL certificate of the website is valid and is trusted by Trend Micro.


Products and Pricing

The online drugstore offers different kinds of medicines to treat various diseases and disorders. For example, it offers:


❋ antibiotics
❋ birth controls
❋ relaxants
❋ weight loss supplements

We found that the best-selling products are mostly drugs related to men’s health. However, as mentioned above, they accept orders without prescriptions, which made us suspect the site as a rogue with poor quality products.

Furthermore, as their name suggests, most of their products are insanely cheap, alongside coupons and discount promotions. Usually, if the price of the products is very low, there is a possibility that the supplies sold are smuggled or counterfeit.


Payment and Shipping


The site offers to ship wherein you have to wait for at least 3-9 days if you want to pay expensively on delivery. If you want the standard delivery option, you will need to wait for more than 2-3 weeks before you can get your products. The waiting time is too long compared to other good websites.

The online store accepts all kinds of debit and credit cards, such as MasterCard and AmEx. However, there is no detail on the website whether they are offering cash on delivery.



The site includes testimonials from its customers, providing great feedback for its products and services. However, one thing that is off is the review of one buyer named Kenny Klunder from the USA, where he said that he has been loyal to the shop for more than three years. But, as we can recall, the site was registered just in 2020, which means that the review and information of the site don’t match. Furthermore, we could not find a single review about this store and site from any trusted platforms.




Purchasing medicine is a very crucial thing to do. So, it’s essential to check the background of any site before buying drugs online. Thus, in the case of, there is a high indication that the platform is a fraud.

  Therefore, we only give it a 20% trust level.  


Pharmacy Ranking

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