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There is a large number of pharmacies on the internet but only 71 are approved by CIPA. All the remaining pharmacies are only running a scam. is one such online drugstore. It has many more things that match exactly with the characteristics of a fake drugstore. Here is a comprehensive review of for you.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2002-09-16
Owner CountryUS
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationAll Day Chemist
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1 (855) 840 0584
UK: +44 207 572 1246
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Info

This pharmacy website was first registered in 2002. So it has been online for around 17 years which is a long time. You can trust a website that has been online for such a long time but there is no info about the owner of this site on the internet. Its registrar is using some sort of privacy software to stay in dark. It is a common feature of all fake drugstores.



SSL Certification

not secured

Every business website owns an SSL certificate to keep its users safe from attackers but this website has no SSL certificate. Therefore, it is extremely risky to make a transaction on this site because your sensitive information can easily be stolen by attackers. It is foolish to trust a pharmacy that doesn’t even care about the privacy of its own customers.


Business Profile

The business profile of the company doesn’t look very good. During our investigation, we found that the company that registered this domain is hidden. But it is situated in Barbados. On the other hand, the website’s IP location is in Virginia. The difference in locations is very suspicious. Moreover, there is no information about the exact location of this pharmacy on the internet. Three other websites are also being hosted from the IP address of this site which is an alarming issue. It has no legal approvals from any licensing authority. But the trust rating of this drugstore on ScamAdviser is 100%.




This pharmacy has no approvals from regulatory agencies. It means that it has been running illegally. The main reason for an online pharmacy not getting approvals from regulatory agencies is that the medicines available are not safe for use. We investigated in the CIPA database but it termed it as invalid. LegitScript also says that it is a rogue internet pharmacy. Since it doesn’t have any approvals, it is better to not buy any pharmaceutical products from this site.



Available Products

The pharmacy offers a wide range of medicines. The main categories of drugs on this site are men’s health, women’s health cancer, diabetes, migraine, acid reducer, and epilepsy. Best selling products mostly include men’s health drugs just like all the fake internet pharmacies. It offers both branded and generic medicines. But there is no info about the origin of these drugs on the website. Our investigation helped us find out that it has a warehouse in India from where all the medicines are shipped to all parts of the world.

popular products


Payments and Delivery

Unfortunately, it doesn’t accept credit cards. Accepted payment options on this site are bank wire transfer, e-check, and Bitcoin. It isn’t good because most of the customers like to pay via Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Only US customers can pay via e-checks. Regular Airmail is the only shipping option. It takes around 10-25 days to arrive. The shipping charge is $10 but if you want to track it as well, then it is $15.

shipping ordering



Reviews from real customers tell a lot about the functionality and genuineness of a business. There is a large number of reviews of this site on MyWot from customers. Its average rating is 2.1, which is very low. MyWot has given trustworthiness of 43 out of 100. Therefore, we could conclude it cannot be trusted with providing you with quality meds. However, if you look at their feedback on Trustpilot you will be surprised to see more than 11000 reviews. There are testimonials on the website as well but they seem fake. Every fake pharmacy uses fake comments to fool customers so that they make a purchase.

excellent rating



This is a 17 years old website but still, there are some reasons to stay away from this site. It isn’t approved by any regulatory agency and there is no info about the owner of this site. But according to the number of comments found about the company on the internet we can’t say the drugstore is a scam.

 Based on the results of our investigation, we give this pharmacy a 55% trust level.


Pharmacy Ranking

We have created a rating of online pharmacies which gained our trust on the basis of their verified certificates, great customer feedback and quality services. Have a look and find the best store satisfying your needs.

21 thoughts on “ Reviews – Many Reasons to Stay Away”

  1. I have shopped at All Day Chemist since 2011. They are honest. Their medications are from Glaxosmithkline, Cipla LTD, and other international manufacturers. They work as well as any meds that I have bought in the US.

    US customers can indeed use major credit cards, if preferred, but eCheck is the best priced option.

    • Hello, Donna! Thanks for visiting our website and leaving your comment. We write reviews basing on the information we find on such platforms as LegitScript, ScamAdviser… And of course review sites like TrustPilot and Yelp. But we need real customer feedback to make sure the rating we gave to a pharmacy is corresponding. So now I see, in this case, we have probably lowered it.

  2. It’s not a scam and they will send you the pills but they had a problem with their payment processor. I’m guessing it’s not in the US but in India or another country. They took the money out of my bank and AllDayChemist claims their gateway didn’t give them the money and I still have their money and keep asking me to check with my bank – Bank of America. I keep checking and my bank gives me proof of payment.

  3. I shop at AllDayChemist for my tretinoin. My interactions with them have always been very professional, easy to pay, I am kept updated on the status of my order and it arrives as promises. The product itself is real and high quality. I recommend them, never had a problem. Ohhh… Ive gotten three popup coupons from a Canadian pharmacy… so this whole site is just a hatchet job on a competitor, a competitor with equivalent product and MUCH better prices. Got it.

  4. Looks like trustpilot has removed their profile however, they are totally legit, have been ordering from them for years and never had issues.

  5. I have ordered from them for several years, never had a problem, they always send what I ordered. They are trustworthy. Funny trust pilot removes them during the pandemic. Don’t want anyone getting that invermectin I guess!

  6. They asked me to send a photo of my money order so they could check if I made it out right… Haven’t heard from them since. Two weeks.

  7. They just ripped me off for $128. After a month I said to forget it and send refund. They told me it was shipped already and hoped I would accept. They said I would receive tracking info in a couple days. I waited over another month and contacted them again. No product, no refund. What’s up? They said they put a hold on the product. So they lied about it having been sent. I have asked again for a refund TWICE since then and they are ignoring me. DONT TRUST THEM.

    • Hello, Margaret! They put you into such an unpleasant situation. Please be more careful next time and read online pharmacy reviews before ordering. Thank you for the explanation.

  8. I’ve had a couple of successful orders with them, so I don’t believe they are a scam at all. However, I have seen people leave the same reviews for all day pharmacy and all day chemist, on different sites, which leads me to believe that people are mixing up the two. All day pharmacy definitely appears to be a scam.

    • Thank you for sharing your perspective. It’s helpful to hear about your successful orders. Your observation about potential confusion between All Day Pharmacy and All Day Chemist on different sites is insightful. It’s crucial for users to distinguish between similar-sounding names to avoid misunderstandings.

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