Global Threat

Nowadays, we can see lots of fraudulent activities on the internet and it is the biggest problem. Scammers create websites and take people’s hard earned money. The most popular frauds are connected with trade finance, casino and even pharmacies. Our mission is to draw attention to this problem and show how it is possible to identify a typical rogue.

We work on a non-commercial basis so your donates are the best motivation to reveal new malicious frauds.


Meet Our Team

We are open-minded people who want to make the world better. The goal is to create a unique project which involves the most frequently used scam schemes. Jason Brassell is our leader, who always gives fresh ideas. Samantha Brown is responsible for editing and design. John Newman is our talented programmer.


Jason Brassell

Samantha Brown

John Newman


We are always glad to get feedback from you. Don’t hesitate, write to us if you have any questions or suggestions. Use the contact form or just leave comments.