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common view is just one in a long line of pharmacies on the internet claiming to sell the best medicine at the best prices. Like its competitors, it guarantees security, privacy, and reliability. This is on top of assuring consumers that they only partner with licensed suppliers. You shouldn’t believe everything they tell you because they don’t have much in the way of evidence to support their words.

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main page is a most recently created online pharmacy that sells both generic and brand name medications. It boasts as one of the most trusted sources of generic and brand medicine in the world. A team of professionals is always available for the customers’ needs. They offer guidance and advice on matters of quality health. This platform provides medications at low prices that attract many customers into purchasing. We investigated this store to get the truth of the matter; all that glitters isn’t gold. We found that there is more about its operations than what catches the eyes. This platform is more of a scam than legit.

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Based in California and registered in San Francisco, is a predominantly safe website for female health and beauty advice. It focuses on providing support for women on beauty products and pharmaceuticals associated with women’s medical issues. It is a sister site to the already popular and both sites have been mentioned in popular magazines such as Forbes.

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The website is considered risky for a number of factors, and only scores a low trust rating. Only created this year with more than one country involved in its domain origin, there is a strong possibility this site could be part of a scam.

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main page is an online pharmacy that guarantees affordable and quality medications to its customers. Their medications are from notable pharmacies in the world, tested and approved by the FDA. The store claims to be among the leading online drugstores that sell quality meds. A check on this drugstore revealed that these claims are just mere statements. There’s more to worry than purchasing a drug from this store. We reviewed most of its major sections to prove that it isn’t reliable.

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