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main page is a high-risk internet pharmacy that lacks all the elements and attributes that you expect to see in an online medical dispensary. It doesn’t look that attractive, and neither can it verify the claims it makes about its services. This should alarm you. Websites that make empty promises have a reputation for defrauding their customers.

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main page is an online pharmacy that sells a few hundred different drugs from branded and generic brands. It is a modern-looking site that features a live chat that had an icon that said it was online but when tried to access it for some reason it didn’t work. An alternative contact method is a US toll-free phone number that can be seen at the very top of the header of this online drugstore. In this article, we are going to be verifying the information on this pharmaceutical website and checking whether it is actually a safe website to spend your hard-earned money on.

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main page is an internet pharmacy that potentially originates from the Russian Federation. At the moment, because the store hasn’t revealed its business address, it is impossible to determine where they come from with any sort of accuracy. Though, any connection to a high-risk country like Russia is always a cause for concern. The Russian connection is not the site’s only problem. Unfortunately, it has a number of weaknesses which support suggestions that it is a scam.

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Conducting due diligence on a pharmacy is not an easy task. Simultaneously, you cannot order from any pharmacy which you come across, either. You have to find details about the pharmacy before ordering from it. Instead of going through numerous trackers to find information, you can go through our articles. We have curated every pharmacy to help you out. Today, we will share our review and it will go into the details of this pharmacy and help you understand if you should place an order with this pharmacy or not.

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main page is allegedly a 12-years old online drugstore to deliver safe, generic drugs at an inexpensive price to their customers worldwide. They only source and dispense their products from some of the well-known suppliers around the world and all their products are approved by the Indian FDA as well as various other international authorities. Such claims are usually associated with rogue pharmacy websites and hence, we decided to review the pharmacy to check their authenticity. Read below to learn more about the pharmacy before you decide to buy anything from them.

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American Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agencies

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This is the era of internet pharmacies that provides you the seamless experience of ordering medicines online and get them delivered to your doorstep. However, not every online drugstore is legit and safe! Some pharmacy platforms are surely running a fraudulent and deceptive business. So, how do you know whether a pharmacy is safe or whether it’s running a scam business? Well, here comes the role of American pharmaceutical regulatory agencies.

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main page is a relatively new internet pharmacy that wants people to believe that it is a trusted source of medicine, both brand name and generic. That isn’t the only lofty promise it makes. The website also claims to employ medical professionals that source and then re-sell affordable but high-quality healthcare products that are designed to meet the needs of financially constrained patients. Any website can make those claims. However, proving them is an entirely different matter and that is what the internet pharmacy has failed to do, which is why no one would blame you if you accused them of being a scam.

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