Secrets of Good Night’s Sleep

good sleep

Sleep is when the brain and body undergo growth and repair. It’s an essential part of a healthy and good lifestyle. However, busy schedules, long duty hours, family responsibilities and busy social lives have deprived many people of proper sleep. According to drugstore reviews, most adults prioritize work and other obligations first despite understanding the importance of sleep.

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Neuronal Damage after COVID-19

cognitive problems

COVID-19 is a very complex illness. The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can attack the body in many different ways. The patients infected by COVID-19 experienced a wide range of adverse effects on the brain, ranging in severity from confusion, headache, anxiety, and depression to even life-threatening strokes. Many infected people are also reported to suffer from cognitive and memory problems. There are many proven cases by drugstore reviews in which COVID-19 is associated with movement disorders such as tremors, epileptic seizures and coordination difficulties.

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