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main page is an online pharmacy that sells a small variety of products manufactured by the pharmacy itself with all of the products being for males. On the pharmacy website, there are currently no phone numbers listed for you to contact however there is one customer service email listed in the footer of the website as well as another email that is for public relations purposes. Additionally, you have an in-built log-in system where you can create your very own account and track all your transactions with this website. In this article, we are going to be presenting you with the results from our thorough research about this online drugstore.

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main page is an internet pharmacy that claims to be American. However, it makes so many other claims that are clearly false that you can’t help but suspect everything they say. Their medical offerings are generic in nature. They come from India. This is also a problem because India has a reputation for producing and selling counterfeit medicine. The more you learn about this website, the harder they become to trust.

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main page is an American pharmacy that sells drugs online. Or at the very least, it wants you to believe that its American. In fact, it wants you to believe a lot of things. But most of them are not true. The site makes way too many claims about its operations and the quality of its drugs. However, the more you investigate it, the harder it becomes to believe anything it says.

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24× is an online medical store that offers retail and delivery services to customers from all corners of the globe. It is part of the EuroPharm Group Umbrella. Europharm is a company that owns and operates several online pharmacies. No one knows who owns EuroPharm or where they are located. In fact, no one knows anything about the company. Because they are so suspicious, every website under their control is approached with the same amount of suspicion. That is why you are encouraged to be careful when dealing with this pharmacy. It isn’t exactly what it seems or claims to be.

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main page claims to be an Indian pharmacy cum health store that sells health medicines at attractive prices. They also claim to offer superior delivery services and all their products are of high quality. We reviewed the pharmacy recently to check the legitimacy of their claims and whether they are indeed legit. Read below to know more about our findings.

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