Hypertension May Double Risk of Epilepsy


Epilepsy is an illness that will drastically change your life. It will limit the things that you can do. The CDC estimates that over 3 million adults and also over 400,000 children in the United States have epilepsy. In many cases, it is inherited from your parents. However, in an increasing number of instances. Individuals suffering from pre-existing health conditions are developing epilepsy in their later lives. Something that could otherwise be prevented. In this article, we will take a look at how hypertension may double the risk of epilepsy.


Why Does Hypertension Cause Epilepsy?

Hypertension is a medical term used to describe high blood pressure. High blood pressure will over time lead to damage to your blood vessels. In addition, hypertension can also lead to blood clots among other dangerous symptoms. These will also include the blood vessels leading up to your brain. Thus increasing the chances of strokes and also epileptic seizures.



What Is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a chronic health condition whose most known side effect is seizures also known as epileptic fits. Epileptic fits occur when there is a severe imbalance in the signals of your brain. These seizures will vary greatly in severity. They can last just a few minutes or even days. If someone has been affected by an epileptic seizure for more than 5 minutes you must get in touch with the emergency services immediately.



How High Is High Blood Pressure?

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There are two metrics used when measuring blood pressure. First, you have the ‘Systolic’ blood pressure which measures the pressure when your heart is beating. Then you have ‘Diastolic’ blood pressure which takes note of the pressure when your heart is not beating. Universally, the Systolic metric will come before Diastolic.

The normal healthy level of blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg, with ‘mmHg’ standing for millimeters of mercury. On the other hand, high blood pressure is 130-140+/80-90+ mmHg. There are also metrics available for identifying if you are at risk.


Half of Americans Have Hypertension

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Hypertension is extremely common in the USA. According to the CDC, an estimated 47% of adults suffer from the illness. If you are not sure that you suffer from high blood pressure then you should get tested. There is no age limit for developing high blood pressure.

The majority of instances of high blood pressure occur due to a bad lifestyle. Therefore, if you take the necessary steps you can treat hypertension. Or at the very least limit the negative effects that it may have on your health.


Ways to Prevent & Treat Hypertension

You should not let your hypertension worsen. As soon as you have found out that you have it. You must begin consulting with licensed health professionals and putting in the required sacrifices.

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  • Exercise – Being overweight is a leading cause of high blood pressure. When you have a higher proportion of fat in your body this can lead to your blood vessels needing to work overtime. Moreover, they can also get clogged up by cholesterol.
  • Diet – Exercising is, of course, great but there is no point in exercising if you are going to eat a buffet of fast food afterward. Changing your diet is a prime example that preventing and treating hypertension will require a lifestyle change.
  • Stopping Bad Habits – Other bad habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking must be curbed. There is research that shows that red wine in small amounts can actually be good for blood pressure. The key is the amount that you drink, it is important to note that you should aim to quit smoking entirely.
  • prevent high blood pressureSleep – You can have the healthiest lifestyle in the world, but if you do not sleep none of this will actually matter. The period of the day when we are sleeping. Is an opportunity for our bodies to repair themselves. Therefore make sure to get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Too much sleep can also be a negative.
  • Medication – Medication exists for a reason, it can be a very effective way for you to get better. Although it must be consumed along with a healthy diet to work properly. You should be transparent with your doctor about all the medication that you are taking. In order to ensure that you are not consuming a dangerous combination. To add to this, when purchasing your drugs online. Make sure to check out the online drugstore reviews.


Medication Is Proven to Reduce Risk

We touched upon this topic briefly above. If you have let hypertension develop unchecked for long periods of time then you could have caused irreversible damage. In that case, no amount of sleep, dieting, and exercise will have a major effect. The same study by the Epilepsia journal found that people that were taking the right medication were at lower risk of developing epilepsy. Even if being affected by an acute form.



Epilepsy Is Incurable

Currently, there is no treatment that can v in a patient. People suffering from rare and very serious epilepsy can go through surgery in which a part of their brain is removed in order to limit the seizures. The best-case scenario is currently therefore prevention. If you are lucky enough not to be affected by epilepsy. You should make sure that you are living healthily in order not to risk developing it later on in your life.



Making Illness More Manageable

Despite this, an individual is still able to reduce the severity of their neurological condition. In order to do this, they must seek treatment as soon as possible. The sooner you begin treatment the better for your health. Managing the neurological illness can be done by using anti-epileptic drugs and vagus nerve stimulation devices. Just make sure that you are buying your medication and medical devices from a pharmaceutical website with a lot of positive online drugstore reviews.

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Symptoms to Look Out For


The easiest symptom of epilepsy to identify is a seizure. This will be made up of shaking of various parts of the body. It could also be accompanied by noises and even saliva being excreted from the mouth of the patient. In addition, the person may become confused. This happens gradually and can be noticed by having a conversation with that individual. Usually, during an epileptic seizure, the sufferer’s brain may make them smell and see things that are not actually there. Underneath we have featured a video that goes into much more detail about the topic.


Five-Year Check-ups Recommended

Doctors recommend that you have your blood pressure levels checked at least once every 5 years by licensed health professionals. Usually, these checkups will also consist of other medical tests. Hypertension is known as ‘the silent killer’ for a reason. This is because, in the beginning, the majority of people will not have any painful or noticeable symptoms. Keeping yourself informed about your medical state is as important as treating your illnesses.

In the modern world, you can book an appointment over the internet. From one of the many leading e-commerce drugstores. These consultations can be for brick-and-mortar locations or be totally online. Just make sure that this retail platform has a reassuring number of positive online drugstore reviews.

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