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UpGuys.com claims to be a reputable online pharmacy that offers the best selections in different types of medicine, especially for men’s health and wellness and their sexual performance and issues concerning those. Based on the number of Google reviews they get from their customers, many people love them, so we dug more profound for those who want to know more.

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Date of Registration2018-10-31
Owner CountryCanada
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Name of OrganisationUPGuys
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Domain Info

According to their WhoIs entry, they started in 2018 and renewed their website with updates as recently as October 2021. They are set to expire on October 2022 unless they renew their website for a much later date. Suppose we use this as our sole basis. In that case, this can put a red flag on their credibility to sell specialized medicine, as they have been working in the industry for three years. Fortunately, their other aspects seem to be stronger.



Business Profile

Regarding their score on ScamAdviser, this website was given a 98/100 rating, which is as good as 100 in our opinion. They also classified the online pharmacy as a legitimate online pharmacy, so buyers can feel safe buying their medications here.


They have a valid SSL certificate, their website exists old enough, and it is also popular with Alexa users. This means that when people search for online pharmacies that can provide them with their needed medicines for men’s health, wellness, and sexual performance, this online pharmacy often tops the search results. Lastly, they offer a money-back guarantee to their customers, which strengthens their scores in ScamAdviser. They are willing to compensate their dissatisfied customers with a guarantee that they can get their money back.


Regulatory Approvals

LegitScript has classified this online pharmacy as “certified” because of the following reasons:


  • They sell high-quality medicines to their customers at prices that are similar to their competitors.
  • They have been running the online pharmacy for a long time, which warranted their authenticity and legitimacy among consumers, especially new customers, who seem to favor those who have been in the industry for longer than the more recent sellers in the market.
  • They source their medicines from highly-reputed suppliers and pharmaceutical companies.
  • They passed all standards that LegitScript has to be recommended as a legitimate online pharmacy to the customers.

Remember that LegitScript does not easily hand out approvals just because the online pharmacy looks legitimate enough. They undergo several searches and background checks to get their LegitScript certification of license. This online pharmacy has successfully received its approval.

Aside from that, they also got approval from other national health agencies such as the British Columbia Pharmacy Association, PIPEDA, College of Pharmacists in British Columbia, and the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, which are more than enough to assert their legitimacy to their customers.


Available Products and Pricing

Their product offerings are divided into two: hair care and sex. They sell tablets and solutions for hair loss that customers can use for their hair care concerns, such as hair thinning and hair loss. They only have two products on the list. Still, these are highly recommended by many professionals for being reasonably priced and highly effective.

product categories

As for their other category offers medications for men’s reproductive health concerns and overall men’s health. They only provide six products, which makes them a specialized online pharmacy for particular circumstances. This encourages the consumers to buy from them even more because their focus is on those two topics. Pharmacists would not have a hard time recommending any medications to their patients as they have few offerings.

Aside from medicines, they also offer consultation for hair loss and men’s reproductive health, which helps if you want to be more direct in your solutions to the problems without hesitation.

Their prices are on par with the competition, which is excellent as meager prices can raise red flags regarding the authenticity of the medicines.


Payments and Shipping

This online pharmacy accepts card payments through secure networks used by many online businesses in the industry. These payment methods allow for tracking and refunds if ever something wrong happens with the orders processed.


They offered standard shipping and free shipping on some items when you reached a specific amount. This is good as they showed their dedication to providing the best medicines to their customers.



Customer Testimonials

They have a 4.8-star rating from Google, based on the 315 positive and negative reviews they received from their customers over the years. It also helped that they were featured in reputed media outlets such as Medium, Toronto Sun, and the Vancouver Sun, which will never feature online businesses in general that are shady and negative towards its consumers.

positive rating



They could have quickly acquired a five-star rating from us, but the age of their website shaved off some points from us. Nevertheless, they have all the certifications, reviews, and necessary approvals from all reputed health authorities and media outlets, which means that they are very much legitimate.

  It is, therefore, safe to conclude that UpGuys.com deserves to receive a trust level of 75%.  


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We have created a rating of online pharmacies which gained our trust on the basis of their verified certificates, great customer feedback and quality services. Have a look and find the best store satisfying your needs.

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