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main page is an internet pharmacy based in Pennsylvania that sells the most popular brands of sexual enhancement drugs on the market. They have a heart for men who struggle to perform sexually. They aim to treat, advise and prescribe medical solutions to individuals who feel too much shame to ever seek out medical assistance from a traditional healthcare professional.

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Date of Registration2018-06-02
Owner CountryUS
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Name of OrganisationSolve My ED
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Domain Info

This medical domain started operating on the 22nd of June 2018. The business behind the website is actually much older than that. But the platform they use to dispense drugs today is only a year old. Normally, you would have plenty of reasons to be concerned. Websites that are this young have a tendency to harbor scams. But in the case of this site, the fact that they spent years running a tangible business behind the scenes gives them a lot more credibility.



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You can tell that this firm is still operating on a small scale because it shares its server with over a thousand other sites. The sharing of computing resources isn’t ideal. Most pharmacies would rather operate their own dedicated servers. But if they lack the financial muscle to do so, they will share computing and networking resources to save on costs. It is worth noting that ScamAdviser gave this site a rating of 72 percent which is further proof that you have no reason to suspect them of fraudulent activity despite their young age.

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Business Profile


This drugstore opened its doors back in 2014. They call 101 W. Lancaster Avenue, Shillington home. Their online wing is the property of ‘The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy‘. Their purpose as a business is to provide customized treatments for patients who desperately desire easier access to affordable sexual enhancement drugs. This entire venture was given life by Dipak Patel. The entrepreneur, whose resume includes stints at North Bergen High and the Long Island University, took an interest in healthcare at an early age. Patel wanted to use his skills to resolve the healthcare needs of other people. But once he found a position in the field, he quickly became dissatisfied with the role he was expected to play. Patel couldn’t provide the care he wanted within the confines of a chain pharmacy. So he struck out on his own. Patel opened his own pharmacy and he loves the fact that his business doesn’t play by the rules of insurance companies and Big Pharma.


He eventually opened the pharmacy’s online wing because he realized that many men couldn’t afford the overpriced sexual enhancers on the market. His platform provides a service that is discreet and reliable. To access the pharmacy’s medicine, you have to call the site’s personnel. Provide your medical history, present a valid prescription if you have one and then wait for another call that will confirm all your information.


Regulatory Authorization

LegitScript doesn’t know this site and neither does it have NABP accreditation. But for the moment, they seem to only offer their services within Pennsylvania. If that is true, then the fact that the pharmacist who runs the website is recognized by the state pharmacy board is enough. Their BBB rating is A+.


Available Products

You will only find drugs related to men’s health on this site. If you have a prescription, you can send it to the website. They are also in a position to call your doctor if that is what you prefer. If you don’t have a prescription, a doctor will call you, review your situation and then write a prescription.



Payments and Deliveries

This venture claims that you can save up to 80 percent on their generic pills. But their prices seem quite high. And they do not even include the $50 you have to pay if the company’s pharmacist writes you a prescription. Payments are made via credit card. A person will call you to collect your credit card information.

❋ Deliveries are free
❋ They are made via UPS



This platform doesn’t have any reviews at the moment but that is probably because it is still so new. We are able to find some positive customer feedback for the pharmacy business on Facebook which operates the website, however.

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This website earns a trust rating of 60%. It loses some points because of its high prices and the fact that it only works with patients in Pennsylvania. But they are also legit in every way that counts. Their contact information is verifiable.

 They have an authentic business address and their platform is operated by an actual tangible pharmacy.


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We have created a rating of online pharmacies which gained our trust on the basis of their verified certificates, great customer feedback and quality services. Have a look and find the best store satisfying your needs.

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