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main page is an internet pharmacy of unknown origins. It sells generic and brand name drugs to consumers from all over the world who cannot meet their healthcare needs using conventional pharmaceutical methods. They aim to deliver optimal customer satisfaction. Few of the claims they make are backed by any concrete evidence. As such, you shouldn’t be too quick to take their word on anything.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2019-01-16
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the base
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Details

This website was created on the 16th of January 2019. As of this moment, it is less than a year old. As such, you have no reason to take any of its claims seriously. The chances that it is a scam are far too high. It’s short lifespan also means that it hasn’t yet had the opportunity to prove itself as a reliable supplier of medical products on the internet. When it comes to websites that are this young, you are encouraged to either avoid them altogether or give them room to grow and to prove themselves.



Related Websites

The pharmacy seems to share its design with:

several risks


The similarities between those sites and this pharmacy are shocking. They share everything from text to the layout and even the catalog of medicine they each claim to sell. The mirror sites are probably owned by the same person that operates this pharmacy. Of course, if you want to identify that individual, you’re out of luck. They have chosen to hide their identity. That normally suggests that they have something to hide. Though, in this case, their decision to remain a mystery isn’t likely to have the positive effect they expect. ScamAdviser already assigned this domain a trust rating of 59 percent. It suggests that the site doesn’t necessarily pose a risk but you have a reason to worry.


Business Profile


No one knows where this website comes from. It has connections to Switzerland, the US, and Pakistan. Pakistan is worrisome because it is a high-risk country. So the country’s connection to this drugstore only succeeds in ruining its reputation. You have no reason to believe that there is a tangible business behind the platform. They don’t even have a business address. If the company has actual customers, then it probably ships medicine directly from its suppliers to the clients. There is nothing to suggest that they have an actual office. The contact information provided cannot be verified. You can only communicate with the people behind the domain via messages sent from their platform. You could argue that there is no concrete evidence damning the website as a scam. Then again, you also can’t ignore the fact that their registrar is frequented by spammers and scammers. You can discern so much about an online business by looking at the company it keeps. This one doesn’t have the most attractive associates.


Regulatory Authorization

The website doesn’t have any accreditation or licensing. It is operating without the oversight of a regulatory body, and that is never a good thing.


Available Products

From this website, you can buy medicine for weight loss, skincare, motion sickness, hair loss and everything in between. Even though they claim to sell generic and brand name versions of most drugs, their primary focus is men’s health and men’s sexual enhancers. They do not demand prescriptions from their clients but they encourage everyone to consult a doctor before buying medication online.



Payments and Deliveries


The drugs sold here are cheaper than those you find in legitimate stores. There’s a possibility that the company acquires its merchandise from cheap suppliers in cheap markets. But it hasn’t even bothered to reveal the country from where it imports its medicine. So you have to presume that their drugs are not completely legit. If you want to make payments, the online pharmacy accepts most credit cards and e-checks. Shipping fees will depend on the destination. It normally takes 2 days for orders to be processed before they are delivered by either EMS which has tracking or Registered Airmail.



You will find a number of positive reviews on this company’s website. But they were all written months before this website even started operating. So they are all fake.




This is not a legitimate internet pharmacy which is why it earns a trust level of 15%. The regulatory authority is none existent, the owner is hidden and the reviews are fake.

 So the pharmacy has all signs of a scam.


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