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Based in Europe, though it’s still not clear in which country, is a fickle online supplier of both generic and brand-name medications. The business claims to serve as many as almost all if not all the global countries. A comprehensive analysis of the business’s profile, background, and services makes things look clear-cut that this is a rogue online pharmacy. This is how we arrived at that.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2014-10-27
Owner CountrySweden Netherlands
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationSupreme Generics
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Information

This online pharmacy’s domain name registration details, as blatantly recorded on the most trustworthy query and response protocol WhoIs, are as follows: date of registration: 27-10-2014, expiry date: 27-10-2019. The date of interest is the registration date. From it, we can derive the pharmacy’s age as 4 years and 3 months. In the general run of things, pharmacies whose ages are less than 5 years have very high chances of being reprobated by general opinion.



Business ProfileSweden

The location of this business’s website is likely to be Sweden, Europe. However, there also some probabilities of the website having a Netherlands origin. According to ScamAdviser’s analysis, the chances are – Sweden 69%, Netherlands 31%. Online drugstores’ websites with unclear locations, most of the time, lead to good-for-nothing drugstores. Secondly, the drugstore’s domain name host is also of concern. The host’s profile can determine the hosted pharmacy’s likely nature. This pharmacy’s domain name host, having a health fraud warning from the FDA, we’ve got a reason to suspect Supreme Generics as well. The saying goes, “birds of the same feather flock together”.



The great number of drug categories, listed alphabetically on this drugstore’s official website is impressive. You can get access to Diuretics, Skincare products, Motion Sickness medications, Allergy drugs, Painkillers, Antivirals, Weight loss supplements, and so much more. Turning to their quality, the drugs dished out by this pharmacy aren’t quality-assured. The drugstore has got a way to evade the inspections usually conducted by WHO or the FDA on medications to verify that they’re safe for human use. Our analysis about the prices tagged on this pharmacy’s medications revealed that there is neither overcharging nor suspiciously low prices charged. This is commendable about the drugstore.



Regulatory Approvals

Being a European-based pharmacy, we expect it to be approved by regulatory bodies. Unfortunately, not even one of the bodies has issued a certificate or a regulatory note for this drugstore. The meaning of this is that the business is being operated under the counter. Such businesses are known to offer counterfeit medications for sale.

rogue status


Customer Care

Though we couldn’t see any phone numbers listed by the pharmacy, we were quite impressed by the other two contact details: live chat, contact form. Response from the live chat webpage is almost immediate. After filling the contact form, the response isn’t as fast as can take care of emergency situations. Satisfactorily, it is fast.


Payment and Delivery

This pharmacy offers a whole lot of payment options to choose from. The following are all accepted:

❋ E-checks
❋ MasterCard
❋ American Express
❋ Visa
❋ Diners Club
❋ Discover
❋ JCBshipping

All the payments are secure so that your bank details are well protected from the view by third parties. Shipping is allegedly dome on a global scale. Shipping options offered are Airmail and Express and Trackable Delivery. The delivery pricing is average and the ETA is reasonable. However, there are no genuine confirmations of successfully delivered orders.


Customer Feedback

There’s a testimonials section that contains 5-star ratings, claimed to have been left behind by satisfied customers. Using search engines, we established that these reviews are common across many websites. They are doctored to give a falsely positive impression of the website. Likewise, it’s not logical to have exclusively positive feedback for a specific website. Not all users are always satisfied. To make things even worse, our efforts to find testimonials from other websites were in vain. This pharmacy uses some criteria to hide its real reviews from the view of its potential clients and instead displays robotic ones.




To sum up, we would like to remark that this pharmacy offers poor quality medications for sale, has fake reviews, unverifiable deliveries, the large assortment of drugs, safe and secure payments, poor business profile, hidden location, and no regulatory approvals.

 As a result, it deserves a 10% trust level from us.


Pharmacy Ranking

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2 thoughts on “ Reviews – Unverifiable Deliveries”

  1. Well done review of Their well-displayed website at first can easily fool. However, no answer to their phone number, an automated answer to their great quality service by their virtual assistant and no further reply after that, no address details, etc.. 90% confirmed to me that they are a scam, take your money and no drugs. There is another online pharma: website also with the same UK phone number and different drug prices and same general format. Maybe a mafia scam from Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, etc…???

    • Hello, Robert! It seems they try to hide the fact that their so-called “online pharmacy” is actually rogue. Probably you are right about a mafia scam from some European country… So did you order anything from them? I hope you didn’t do that and read our review first!

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