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If you have been sick at any point in the last decade, you have probably noticed that the cost of prescription drugs keeps rising. There are people who cannot afford to meet their healthcare needs on a regular basis because doing so would mean starving. Governments the world over are aware that some of their citizens have to choose between buying food and buying medicine. However, precluding a few European nations, they have done nothing to curb the rising cost of drugs. This partially explains the interest that pharmacy reviews 2019 have garnered. People are starting to look for medical assistance outside the traditional pharmaceutical field.

Online Solution

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The fortunes of the internet pharmaceutical arena have risen alongside the cost of medicine. Because people cannot afford the pills being peddled by traditional pharmacists, they have started turning to online medical stores in alarming numbers for a variety of reasons, including:

❋ Convenience

Internet pharmacies are easy to access. Most of them are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. As such, you can make medical purchases at any time of the day or night.

❋ Privacy

Online stores enable you to make purchases anonymously. prescription freeThis suits patients who have ailments that are so embarrassing that they have even refused to consult local physicians. There are a number of men who desperately require sexual enhancers to treat the illnesses that prevent them from performing adequately in bed.

However, they are too ashamed to admit their insufficiency in this area. As such, they find that it is much easier to buy medicine from online pharmacies. They do not have to reveal their identities to anyone. Additionally, all the medicine they buy is delivered in discreet packages. They can treat their embarrassing illnesses without revealing their weaknesses.

❋ Money

Online medical stores sell their products at a fraction of the cost that you typically encounter in a brick-and-mortar establishment. They have become the last resort for every budget-constrained individual that requires chemical drugs to survive. The fact that the purchase of medical products from internet pharmacies is not technically illegal has emboldened patients in places like the United States to take advantage of the discounted drug prices that the internet has to offer.


Prescription Factor

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While all these are valid reasons for buying medicine online, the most prominent element driving the growth of the online pharmaceutical arena is the fact that so many virtual medical companies do not require prescriptions for the medicine they sell.

If you have ever purchased pharmaceuticals from a European or American pharmacy, you know that the prescription drug trade is heavily regulated. In the US, to sell you medicine, pharmacists do not simply demand valid prescriptions from qualified doctors.

Rather, they expect you to present valid prescriptions that were written by a doctor in your state. You cannot simply walk into a pharmacy in the US and then walk out with prescription drugs. The American government is determined to ensure that its citizens only consume drugs after consulting a professional physician.

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For many patients, these restrictions are an inconvenience. They think they know better. They want to medicate their bodies as they see fit. And because the medical field in the US has refused to budge on this issue, American patients are turning to internet pharmacies en mass.

Some of these people have strong arguments to back their decision to abandon the traditional pharmacy. They are so financially constrained that they cannot afford the consultation fee their local doctor charges. And because they can’t afford to see the doctor in their area, they cannot acquire the prescriptions they need to buy life-saving medicine.


Risk of Affordable Prescription-Free Medicine Online

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Some people argue that affordable medicine purchased over the internet is dangerous because most internet pharmacies are scams. And that is definitely true. A glimpse at any random pharmacy reviews 2019 will tell you as much.

Con artists are out to steal your money and financial information, and they will use medical stores to do this because they know that such online establishments are frequented by desperate people who are not as discerning as they should be when it comes to online stores.

But there are ways to protect yourself against financial scams, even those hidden within internet drugstores. More importantly, there are plenty of authentic websites that sell affordable medicine without prescriptions. The danger that online pharmacies pose is not simply financial. It is also a health matter. Prescriptions are important because they are written by doctors who have investigated a patient’s symptoms and then identified a suitable cure.


People who buy medicine online without a prescription run the risk of using the wrong drugs to treat the wrong illness. In the best-case scenario, the drugs won’t work. In the worst-case scenario, they will make your illness worse. People who buy medicine without prescriptions also run the risk of overdosing on certain drugs. That isn’t even taking the possibility of deadly allergic reactions into account. Affordable drugs without prescriptions seem attractive.

But they are laden with hazards. You are essentially taking the doctor out of the equation and relying solely on your knowledge to treat your illness. And such a scenario is perfectly acceptable if you have medical training. But most of the people who self-medicate using cheap internet drugs are laymen. They know nothing about medicine. As such, the chances that they will ultimately poison their bodies are quite high.




So many people are quite adamant that they need affordable, prescription-free medicine to survive. And they argue that, so long as they are guided by pharmacy reviews 2019, they can successfully avoid all the scams hiding behind the multitude of medical stores on the internet.

But you do not have to rely on prescription-free medicine to survive as a budget-constrained patient. Switch to generic medicine. Generic pills are not only cheap but they work just like their branded counterparts. You can also try buying medicine without using your insurance.


Believe it or not, medical insurance can multiply the cost of your medicine. Pharmacies tend to charge insurance companies exorbitantly. By trying to pay with insurance, you are exposing yourself to higher drug prices. You can solve this problem by paying out of pocket. There are ways to bypass the rising drug prices in most countries. You just have to consider more options than simply buying affordable medicine online without a prescription.

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