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WidePharmacy.com claims to be a reliable and trusted online drugstore that sells high-quality generic medicine for a fraction of the cost. It claims to offer convenience by allowing its buyers to choose from a wide variety of options they provide to their customers. However, that did not stop us from seeing through their loopholes.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2018-02-12
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationWorldwide Online Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-Number(434) 381-0573‬ ‬
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingno
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Domain Info

They claim to have started in 2019 though their domain records show that they have been using the domain since 2018. Their domain was updated on August 28, 2021, and will remain active until 2023. It just started three years ago. It seems to not be a reliable place to get your meds, especially men’s health and erectile dysfunction medication.



Business Profile


ScamAdviser has given this website a 1/100 trust rating due to several reasons. While it has all the looks of an online shopping store, and the SSL is legitimate, the addresses it provided seem to be coming from free sites. The website does not have a lot of links on it, and it also has a low Alexa profile.

Its registered contact email address is a free one. The same goes with its technical contact email address and the administrative contact email address. It does not have a lot of reviews on other popular websites, which means that not many people buy from the site, or they never got any reviews at all because they did not have reliable customers to depend on.

One red flag here is that this website accepts cryptocurrency payments, which are considered high risk. It also has anonymous payment methods, which can be risky for those buying from the website as their credit card information might be compromised.


According to the company information from ScamaAdviser, the owner was from India. This is already a red flag on its own because, according to their website, they are based in Ontario, Canada. It has a server based in the US, but this does not hide that they have lied to their customers by saying they are based in Ontario, Canada, when the owner himself is registered now to be living in India.


Regulatory Approvals

The website is under the NABP’s list of Not Recommended websites for online shopping, especially medicines. It also got a rogue status from LegitScript, which means they could not secure the needed approval to sell the drug to people online.

rogue status


Available Products and Pricing

As of this writing, they have been selling men’s health medicines, particularly those that help with particular men’s health and performance issues. They do not require any prescriptions when buying men’s health medicines, which can be risky as that only means many people can have access to it as long as they can afford it.

Aside from the men’s health medication, they do not sell anything else. Their “About Us” page also sells herbal medicines for women’s health, sleep disorders, and others. modalertThat means that they are a small pharmacy, as more significant pharmacies can sell many drugs and other related products.

They offer lower prices than other online pharmacies, which can be a bit sketchy because the medicines they are selling are usually priced higher than their actual price posted on the website. They do not have any existing promos as of now, but the uncommonly low price points do raise a red flag here.


Payment and Shipping

payment method

This online pharmacy offers custom payment methods. A customer can specify what type of payment method they would like to use for their transactions. This is sketchy because more legitimate pharmacies offer more specific payment methods, such as accepting payments through cards or PayPal. The website owners can send their own personal payment details. Then the buyer won’t have anything to hold them accountable because of this payment method. They offer economical and standard shipping, with the standard shipping priced much higher than economic shipping.


Customer Reviews

They do not have any existing pages for customer testimonials on their website, and they do not have reviews on other websites. That alone should raise a red flag as no one has ever reported having transacted with them.

no reviews



Therefore, it is very safe to conclude that WidePharmacy.com is a scam, as they are not reliable in terms of payment methods, their business history, the information provided by the owners of the website, and the lack of legitimate customer reviews on their website and the other websites.

  We do not recommend customers buy from this website as it can be dangerous for them.  


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