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OnMen.ca claims to sell men’s wellness meds that are prescribed by genuine and legitimate Canadian doctors online. They claim to offer a no-frills and straightforward approach to buying men’s wellness and performance medications online. While it provides a discreet way of obtaining those essential medications without any other questions, that did not stop us from looking at them under the microscope.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2018-10-02
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnMen
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the base
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
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Domain Info

According to their domain information as listed in WhoIs, they were registered in October 2018. They updated their domain information as recently as November 2021. They will continue to be active until October 2022. In short, they have existed for three years now. Suppose we base their credibility on this information alone. In that case, we can say that it is a bit too young of an online pharmacy to sell these kinds of medicines that require extensive care and knowledge about them.



Business Profile

ScamAdviser has given this online pharmacy site a score of 69 over a hundred. They based this rating on the information they received from over 40 sources online. Unlike other online pharmacies that have shady reputations, this online pharmacy has a lot of green flags under its belt.


For one, their website has a valid SSL certificate from GoDaddy, which is a legitimate source for SSL certificates in websites. They have mixed reviews, which is a good thing. Too many of them might lead to some people thinking they are paying people to write favorable testimonials for them. On the other hand, having too many negative reviews might cause people to distrust the shop from this information alone.

At the same time, some are impressed by them. Others are not, which shows a typical attitude regarding online shopping websites. Trend Micro also trusts this website, which adds a layer of credibility to them.

On the other hand, the owner’s information, including the email addresses, is nowhere to be found because the owner apparently has paid WhoIs to hide their information. This can be a red flag because they do not need to hide anything 100% legitimate.


Regulatory Approvals

This online pharmacy has never been reviewed by either NABP or LegitScript. Searches turned up nothing, which can make people a bit uncomfortable buying from them because they do not seem to be flying on the radar of these legitimate agencies in terms of fact-checking and legitimacy checks.



Available Products and Pricing

This online pharmacy sells medications related to:

hair loss

  • men’s health
  • hair loss
  • sexual performance

It also sells hair care medication and PrEP and TRT medication. They do not sell anything else, making them a specialized online pharmacy that caters to particular needs. This can be a good thing because they concentrate on giving their clients focus on the types of medications they need to improve their lives.

The prices are reasonable and well within the range of the regular pricing for these kinds of medications. One thing that raises their legitimacy over the others is that they offer sex therapy consultations online through their licensed doctors and medical practitioners. According to them, it helps people get the best type of medical attention they need without having to bear the prejudice of going personally for a check-up.


Payment and Shipping

This online pharmacy offers card payments through debit or credit cards. This is the usual mode of payment for online shopping sites, which does not raise any red flags there. They also offer free overnight shipping, which shows that they care more about the convenience of their customers.


They also have promos like get your hair care treatment meds for free on the first month so that you can try if their medications are what you are looking for. This is an excellent promotional campaign that increases their legitimacy for some people.


Customer Feedback

They have several mixed reviews on different websites. Some are happy with their overall experiences, while some are dissatisfied with their encounters, especially when some doctors are seemingly not knowledgeable about their patients’ issues and concerns. This shows that they could not please that many people, which is what most online shopping sites and online pharmacies often encounter.

mixed reviews



While they are seemingly legitimate and offer products at reasonable prices, their owner’s decision to hide their personal information and the lack of knowledge of their regulatory approvals can throw people off. The number of mixed reviews can also sway people from buying them or from staying away from them.

  It is safe to conclude that OnMen.ca receives a 50% trust level.  


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