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Conducting due diligence on a pharmacy is not an easy task. Simultaneously, you cannot order from any pharmacy which you come across, either. You have to find details about the pharmacy before ordering from it. Instead of going through numerous trackers to find information, you can go through our articles. We have curated every pharmacy to help you out. Today, we will share our review and it will go into the details of this pharmacy and help you understand if you should place an order with this pharmacy or not.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2020-02-18
Owner CountryUS, Russia
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of Organisationunknown
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Company Information

The pharmacy’s about us page is pretty vague. It claims to be in business since 1992, and earlier, it was in the IT business. Not sure if it has to do anything with their pharmacy. When you go through the rest of the about us page, you will find it pretty vague. Due to this very reason, you cannot find any relevant information about the pharmacy. The fact that the pharmacy does not provide relevant information certainly raises some red flags.



Domain Details

The claim of the pharmacy of being around for 20 years is false. When you look at the domain registration date, it is of 2020. It clearly means the pharmacy has been around for just a few months. With no track record and the pharmacy making false claims, it becomes even more difficult to order.



Business Profile

When you look at the business details of the pharmacy, there are even more red flags. The pharmacy has hidden every detail. The pharmacy uses privacy protection. You cannot find the organization name or the name of the owner. You cannot find the address either. All you can find is, the country is in Asia. However, when you look at the detailed analysis, the country of ownership is not clear either. In a nutshell, the pharmacy is trying pretty hard to hide every piece of information. Why would they do so? In most cases, when the pharmacy is a shady operator, they try to hide all the information.



Regulatory Agencies

One of the biggest red flags of this pharmacy is no FDA approval. There is no mention of the drugs being FDA approved. They do not even state anything about the quality of the drugs. It means you are on your own when it comes to the quality of medicines. If you’re going ahead with the order from this pharmacy, you cannot be sure about the medicines’ quality. They do not make any claims, and it doesn’t inspire any confidence as well. The pharmacy does not talk about the sourcing of the drugs. Once again, when you look at this aspect, the pharmacy appears to be a fly by night or a shady operator.

not recommended


Available Products


The categories across which the drugs are available are pretty limited. Some of these include:

 ADHD, Anti-depressant
 Men’s Health, Skincare
 Pain relief, Women’s health

In each of these categories, only a handful of drugs are available. Chances are if you’re looking for a particular drug or its generic variants, you will not be able to find it in their inventory. For some reason, if you want to place an order with this pharmacy, you will not be able to find the right drug. What is the use of ordering from this pharmacy then?



The pharmacy tries to lure in customers by mentioning the per pill price. The problem is you will not be ordering just a single pill. You will be ordering the entire strip or the pack. So, the cost increases dramatically. When you compare it with other generic medicine selling pharmacies, this one is expensive. You cannot save any money even if you decide to go ahead with this pharmacy.


Payments and Deliveries

shippingThe pharmacy does not tell you which payment method they accept. Also, there are no payment gateway icons so that you can decipher the same. In all likelihood, you will have to try out different payment methods to order from this pharmacy. Once again, the pharmacy does not make it convenient for their prospective customers to order from it. The pharmacy offers regular and express mail shipping methods. The regular mail does not allow you to track your parcel, and the express mail is trackable. However, it does not mention the delivery time frame. It is pretty vague.


Customer Feedbacks

The most surprising thing is the pharmacy does not have any testimonials. Even after a few months in operation, it has not garnered any reviews and testimonials. The lack of reviews certainly raises red flags.



Many third-party reviews also ask you to avoid browsing and purchasing from this pharmacy. Our conclusion is also the same. With so many red flags, you shouldn’t order from this pharmacy.

 We give it only a 10% trust level out of 100 possible.


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