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Order-RxPills.com is an internet pharmacy that potentially originates from the Russian Federation. At the moment, because the store hasn’t revealed its business address, it is impossible to determine where they come from with any sort of accuracy. Though, any connection to a high-risk country like Russia is always a cause for concern. The Russian connection is not the site’s only problem. Unfortunately, it has a number of weaknesses which support suggestions that it is a scam.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2019-03-29
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationHappy Family Store
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Domain Info

The domain was created on the 29th of March 2019, a little over a year ago. This is one of the most alarming aspects of the platform. It is far too young. A website that is this inexperienced has a much higher chance of harboring a scam than a much older portal. This is the reason why people typically flock towards internet pharmacies that are five years or older. You know what to expect from an experienced medical store. They have a reputation with a visible paper trail that you can follow. Young stores are too mysterious.



Related Websites

There are over two hundred websites on this pharmacy’s server, including:

dangerous CheapEdTabsRx.com

It was assigned a rating of 59 percent by ScamAdviser. Their Alexa ranking is high, a sign that they attract a decent amount of traffic. Their website has an SSL Certificate, another positive attribute which suggests that communications with their platform are secure.


Business Profile


This an attractive website. However, the design was copied from elsewhere. This is also true for the contents of the individual web pages and the name (Happy Family Store) under which the site operates. You have to assume that the company is part of a pharmaceutical network. Otherwise, there is no reason for the owner to use the same design, name, and content as the dozens of drugstores on the internet working under the ‘Happy Family Store’ brand. Most people won’t notice that this site is a copy of another store, not unless they have visited the other stores in the network.

As was noted before, there is no business address, which is why it is impossible to identify the company’s country of origin. The owner is a mystery. He has chosen to remain anonymous. On its own, this isn’t necessarily suspicious. Some people take this step to escape spammers. However, anonymity for an owner becomes a problem when you realize that their website is not only young but associated with five countries, one of which is Russia. High-risk countries are problematic because they generate a lot of online scams. For that reason, people are encouraged to remain wary of any websites that are connected to them.


Regulatory Authorization

The platform doesn’t have any licensing or accreditation. None of the major regulatory authorities have permitted it to sell medicine. This is why it is categorized as ‘rogue’ by LegitScript. It doesn’t meet any of the organization’s basic standards.



Available Products

The website spends a lot of time promoting sexual enhancers. For that reason, even though they claim to sell a variety of generic and brand name drugs, you have to assume that their primary offering is sexual enhancers. The source of their medicine is as big a mystery as the identity of their owner. This lends some credence to the suggestion that their drugs are counterfeit.



Payments and Deliveries

The drugs on sale on this platform are very cheap, though the website cannot explain why. They argue that they have no choice but to provide the highest quality products because this is the only way to retain their customers. But that isn’t a convincing argument. Their platform accepts various payment options, including electronic checks, SEPA, credit cards, and cryptocurrency. Shipping is done using EMS courier delivery and Airmail standard. The waiting period will depend on the delivery method and the destination. The shipping fee will also vary accordingly.




Even though the online medical store has plenty of positive feedback on its website, you have to assume that those testimonials are fake. After all, they cannot be verified and you won’t find any other reviews anywhere else.




As a result of the absent business address, the non-existent regulatory authority, and the unoriginal design of their platform, this internet pharmacy earns a low trust level.

 You’d better order meds somewhere else.


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