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At RxPharmacyCoupons.com, American citizens get access to coupons that when used at their local pharmacy outlets, discounts are offered on the drugs they order. This online service offers the Prescription Drugs Saving Programme both on generic as well as brand-name drugs, absolutely for free! Get to understand more as you read on.

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Date of Registration2011-07-08
Owner CountryUnites States
Contact Datano
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Name of OrganisationFree Drug Coupons
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LegitScriptnot in the database
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Domain Details

When we checked, we found out that this website has been running the program for quite a long time now. Having been registered on 08-07-2011, the website is close to 7 years and 8 months old. Businesses as old as that are more trustworthy than the younger ones. However, the organization also uses some privacy service, probably located in Panama, to hide some of its registration details like the registrant’s name.



Website Behavior

To begin with, this is a safe-for-browsing website that keeps each and every one of your activities private. Though there are no payments made to the website, they regard your security with the highest respect – a very commendable measure. The website is organized in a proper manner too. You get what you need on the homepage, where you may proceed to the other safe, fast and comprehensive web pages like the FAQ page.

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How It Works

To begin with, the program is meant for Americans, with over 68,000 outlet pharmacies in the mix. The organization also partners with companies that negotiate discounts on the drugs. Basically, due to a large number of cash-paying buyers that the organization sends to outlet pharmacies, group rate prescriptions discounts are enjoyed due to the economics of scale. These are the discounts that customers enjoy. Now, you can use this programme as long as you’re a drug buyer at one of the more than 68,000 pharmacies that are partnered with this organization. No age restrictions! Every buyer that feels they are subject to large deductibles (whether with or without prescription drug coverage), formulary restrictions, or dosing limitations are advised to use the program. What impressed us too was that the service is offered for free.


The coupons do not cost a dime. No premium charges, no deductibles. This website offers the discount in two forms:

❋ A discount coupon
❋ An Rx Card (free)

You, as a customer, are left free to choose between the two. Just to demystify things, both of them guarantees that a discount will be applied on your ordered drugs except that the card acts as a discount coupon on over 20,000 types of prescription drugs, which makes it more convenient. Both the discount coupons never expire. When you land on the website, select the drug which you wish to purchase (there’s a list of drugs upon which discounts are offered on the site). Then, proceed and get the coupon code. If you select the e-mail option, the site will email the coupon to you.


Drugs Sold

The website itself doesn’t sell any drugs but has the list of drugs upon which their coupons apply in the pharmacies they partner with. Both generic and brand name drugs are on the list. All these are FDA-approved drugs. Examples include:categories

❋ Diabetes Medications
❋ Eye Health Drugs
❋ Weight Loss Supplements
❋ HIV/AIDS medications
❋ Cholesterol Control Drugs
❋ Kidney Health Meds
❋ Painkillers

As we’ve hinted earlier, this is an organization that provides you with coupons to enjoy discounts at your local pharmacy for free.


Regulatory Approvals

For such a service that doesn’t sell any drugs, we do not expect bodies like CIPA, NABP, and LegitScript to get in. Instead, ScamAdviser can help us make the judgment. ScamAdviser analyses and concludes that the site is 100% safe for use by anyone!

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This website accepts no payments. It doesn’t deliver drugs as it has no store for them either. Instead, you proceed and purchase your drugs at your local pharmacy, but at discounted prices with coupons from this website.

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Company Reviews

Though we could not find reviews on sites like TrustPilot and MyWot, we could find some on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. The reviews were quite good and everyone seems to be happy with this organization’s program. A lot of people give their testimonies on how they got great discounts. This is highly commendable.




This is one of the few organizations with deals that are hardly available for free. We highly recommend to you the organization, its services, and the website as it’s got trust from other bodies too like ScamAdviser.

Consequently, we reward it a 75% trust level.


Pharmacy Ranking

We have created a rating of online pharmacies which gained our trust on the basis of their verified certificates, great customer feedback and quality services. Have a look and find the best store satisfying your needs.

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