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The likelihood of patronizing a scam website is something that patrons of online stores have to live with every day. But the dangers involved are more pronounced when you unknowingly patronize a fake business that’s pretending to be an e-pharmacy. In such a scenario, the victim not only stands to lose money to online fraud but also risks losing their life or that of a loved one to a fake or untested medical product. To protect you from such an outcome, we’ve put together for you this comprehensive review of the very suspicious looking online pharmacy,

Domain Details
Date of Registrationunknown
Owner CountryNetherlands, Australia
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationMedAsap
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-888-524-7141
UK: +44-808-189-1420
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
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Domain Info


As earlier stated, this pharmacy claims to be based in Australia and their domain name also contains the “au” suffix. But quick research on ScamAdviser will show you that the actual website country is the Netherlands. Also, you will see that only 16% of the activity on the website comes out of Australia while the remaining 84% comes out of the Netherlands. This is a big red flag. The website has also been reported to be a malicious site at some time in its past. Such reports are usually made when a user notices virus or malware related issues on a website. On Scam Analyze, it has a Scam Confidence Value of 4% which means the site is likely being used for fraudulent purposes such as using false pretenses to obtain money from unsuspecting shoppers. It also has a Phishing Confidence Value of 4% which indicates that the site is likely being used to steal people’s personal information such as credit card data, user names and passwords by pretending to be an online store. Another red flag on the site that screams scam is its HTTP is expired. This means that any communication or transaction made on the site is not encrypted and sensitive information can easily be stolen.


Business Profile

The company claims to be an online pharmacy located in Australia. Through its FAQs and product pages, it touts itself as an easy and fast choice for purchasing generic and brand name pills. Some of the categories of products available on the site include general health products, anti-depressants, antibiotics, cancer medication and more. A significant number of the drugs available on the store require a prescription, but apparently, the company doesn’t care about that as it clearly states on its FAQ page. Also, this online pharmacy boldly claims on its FAQ page that its generic name pills are just as good as its brand name pills. The next big warning sign that this online drug store is not legit is that it has no physical address listed anywhere on its website.

probably Netherlands


Pharmacy Registration

Even if a pharmacy is online, it still requires some form of licensing or approval to legally sell drugs, especially controlled substances. There is no indication anywhere online that the drugstore is recognized or approved by any recognized pharmacy or medical body. In fact, asides from scam alert websites and the pharmacy website itself, there is no proof or recognition of the existence of this enterprise. Also, since we can’t tell if the business actually operates out of the Netherlands or Australia, it’s hard to pinpoint which government regulations have jurisdiction over this sham. What’s even more frightening is even though the online store has no government or pharmacist license whatsoever, it claims to have delivered orders to the US, France, and the UK. All of which are countries that have strict regulations concerning the sale and use of drugs.

rogue status


Drugs Sold and Payment Methods

To lure in unsuspecting customers, the pharmacy offers a long list of medications for a variety of conditions. The website proudly advertises that its top sellers are sexual performance enhancers. This on its own makes the website seem like the spam emails you frequently see in your inbox. Either to steal the money of unwitting visitors or their personal information, the drugstore offers customers the opportunity to make payments with:shipping

❋ MasterCard
❋ ACH (Automated Clearing House)

With its expired HTTP, anyone who makes the mistake of sharing their personal information is at great risk of being a victim of credit card fraud, identity theft or worse.




There’s an impressive list of positive customer reviews on the drugstore website but they all look and sound like they were written by the same person. What makes these glowing reviews even more suspicious is that you can’t find them anywhere else online except on their own website. Clearly, whoever is in charge of content on the website went to great lengths to pull the wool over our eyes.

might be fake



Judging by the information gathered from our investigations, is nothing more than a front being used by online scammers for nefarious activities. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, this online drug store is not legit. Shop on it at your own risk.

We’d rate it a 15% trust level.


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  1. I recently used this site to purchase Viagra! It was about 3 weeks ago 🙁 What is the chance of getting the tabs? Unsuspecting user.

    • Hello, Robyn! Did you contact their customer support? Sorry to say but I think you won’t get your order because according to our review the online pharmacy is fake 🙁

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