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QualityPrescriptionDrugs.com is an online pharmaceutical website that offers a wide variety of medicinal products at some of the lowest prices you will encounter on the market. It isn’t as much a pharmacy as it is a guide to other pharmacies.

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Date of Registration2003-01-16
Owner CountryCanada, US
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationQuality Prescription Drugs
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Live Chat Optionno
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Domain Information

This website was first registered on the 16th of January in 2003. That means the domain has been in operation for over five thousand days. You can generally trust a website with such longevity. The website seems to be based in Canada, though the owner is using an anonymous service that is keeping his identity hidden. People use anonymous services for all sorts of reasons. But the website is ripe with verifiable contact information that includes a business address, phone numbers, and email addresses.



Business Profile

This company operates under the name “Quality Prescription Drugs”. They have their mailing address in Surrey, British Columbia which suggests that Canada might house their base of operations. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to call this company an independent pharmacy affiliate. They do not actually sell prescription drugs. Rather, they take orders from clients and then acquire the drugs they need from actual pharmacies and pharmaceutical websites. In a way, they are a middleman that links clients with the pharmacies whose services they require.


The hidden identity of the owner does raise some suspicions. But one should note that ScamAdviser has assigned this website a trust rating of 41%. In other words, they think you should use caution while dealing with this drugstore. But they do not believe the website is a scam in any sense of that word.


Related Websites

The servers upon which this website is hosted seem to be based in Canada. There is some evidence to suggest that other countries might be involved, chief amongst them being the United States. That being said, there is nothing particularly suspicious about the company’s hosting information. In fact, there are only two websites on its servers and they both seem legit.


Regulatory Authorization

This company goes to great lengths to ensure that all the pharmacies with which it works are certified by Canada Health which is Canada’s version of the FDA. The site is also recognized by CIPA of which it is an active member. CIPA has verified that this website uses licensed pharmacies to dispense its drugs and that the company addresses and phone numbers it provides online are legitimate. CIPA has also verified that the company properly protects the personal and financial information of its clients.

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Available Products

Because this company acts as a middleman connecting clients to pharmacies, it has a sizable catalog with hundreds of types and brands of drugs at its disposal, from medicines that will fight depression to items that can combat cholesterol. The website has a search tool that is very easy to use. You simply enter the drug you want and then the site searches its database and locates the actual pharmacy that can meet your needs.

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Pricing, Payment, and Delivery

This website’s primary attraction is its low prices. They claim that their clients can save between 20 percent and 80 percent on quality products. According to the website, their prices are very low because consumers are only paying for the manufacturer’s cost and the pharmacy’s markup. Additionally, the website works with pharmacies in places like Singapore and India where drugs are a little cheaper. This company’s objective in life is to help consumers find the drugs they need at the lowest possible prices. They normally charge a minimum of $9 for shipping, though this figure will vary depending on the weight of the package. It takes no more than four weeks for packages to reach their destinations. It is worth mentioning that the company only ships to the United States. The payment methods that they accept include Visa, Master Card and Discover.

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This company has a couple of consumer testimonials on its website. Most of them are positive, thanking the company for its quality products, services, and deliveries. However, the authenticity of the feedback cannot be verified. The website doesn’t have any significant reviews on any other trustworthy resource on the internet.




This website isn’t perfect. They have a few suspicious elements such as the fact that they are based in Canada but do not ship to Canada. But most of their information can be verified. They appear to operate as a legitimate online pharmaceutical service, which is why they earn a trust rating of 65%.

 You can more or less trust them to effectively serve you.


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