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According to various statistics from the NABP and other drug regulatory agencies, only a fraction of the current online pharmacies are legitimate. A high percentage of the so-called internet drugstores are not only operating illegally but also selling counterfeit drugs. One such drugstore is This detailed report gives the reasons why you should avoid this pharmacy.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2018-09-28
Owner CountryUS, Lithuania
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationGlobal Meds
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-760-284-3222
EU: +4420-3286-3820
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfor orders above 200$
Payment Methods


Domain Information

After carrying out thorough research about this domain, we discovered that the domain was registered on September 28, 2018, meaning that the pharmacy is relatively new as it has been operating for just three weeks. However, what is more shocking, the domain is set to expire in just one year. This short lifespan does not augur confidence in this platform considering the fact that this trend is so common with rogue online companies. This is enough proof that the pharmacy is a big scam.



Company Profile

The owners of this domain remain unknown, considering the fact that they are using an anonymous service to hide the company details. We are not even sure about the business name of this company. We can only presume to be Global Meds or Canada Pharmacy Online as suggested by the info on their website.



Mirror Sites

Even though this domain was only registered recently, we discovered that it is associated with over 2,000 different mirror websites. Moreover, these mirror sites share a wide range of similarities, including comparable images, text and web layouts. These findings confirm that the pharmacy belongs to a well-organized syndicate of scammers, running an illegal affiliate program. We believe that this online program has been operating for years, defrauding unsuspecting online shoppers off their hard-earned cash.


Scam Assessment

A scam assessment of this domain on delivers dreadful results. Apparently, this pharmacy has a 0% trust rating on ScamAdviser. This means that the site carries a very high risk and it is not safe for online payment transactions. Furthermore, the website is located in Lithuania (a high-risk country) rather than Canada as previously thought.



Legal Approvals and Certifications

This website carries so many seals from regulatory agencies such as CIPA, CPA, and MIPA. However, we can confirm that all these seals are fake. A search on reveals that the pharmacy has not been authorized to display any of the aforementioned seals. This means that the products on offer are probably not safe for human use Furthermore, there is a high chance that the pharmacy is involved in medication counterfeiting and cross-border smuggling.



Available Products

This pharmacy claims to handle a wide selection of medications. However, the hard truth is that the majority of products available on this platform are generic sexual health drugs sourced from countries like India, Pakistan, and China. This is a product line that is commonly associated with rogue pharmacies.

pills for men


Pricing, Payment and Delivery

Canada Pharmacy Online claims to offer drugs at prices 70% lower than normal rates. Even though acquiring drugs at low prices might be good for consumers, these low rates raise questions about the quality of the drugs on offer. We urge customers to remain cautious to avoid acquiring counterfeit drugs. Seemingly, you do not need a prescription to acquire drugs from this platform. This is a clear red flag that this pharmacy is rogue.

Clients may make payments using Visa and MasterCard. However, this pharmacy does not offer a secure payment platform, and this means that client data may be compromised. Shipping options include regular airmail and express courier service. Regular shipping takes a maximum of 3 weeks while express mail takes a maximum of 8 business days.



We can ascertain that all the testimonials available on this website are not genuine. Firstly, they do not have a date of posting and they seem copied from other shady websites. Moreover, we have come across these testimonials before in our previous experiences with rogue online pharmacies.




In a nutshell, this pharmacy has all the indications of nothing more than a big scam. It does not have any legal approvals and all the testimonials posted on their website are not legit. Putting these factors into consideration, there is a very high chance that you will not receive your order after making a purchase. We can only give it a trust level of 20%.

 For these reasons, clients are advised to stay away from this pharmacy.


Pharmacy Ranking

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