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main page is a full-service online pharmaceutical company that’s mission is to improve and preserve the well-being of patients, their families, and the community through an advanced proactive approach to subscription medications, medical services, and proper education. As usual, we have completed a full background search of this website, in order to prove the reliability of this company and its mission statement.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2017-05-09
Owner CountryUS
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationPharmCoRx
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Details

According to this company website, they are an American company that is operating out of Miami Florida. They also state that they have been in business for nearly five years, which makes them seem like a staple pharmaceutical business for Americans.

2017-05-09When looking into the public domain information on this company, we were immediately able to see that the claims made on the website were in fact, true. This company was originally registered on May 9th, 2017 – which puts them nearly at the five-year mark of business. The company’s registrant and administrative information are also set to be located in Miami, Florida. We feel it is also important to mention that none of this company’s information has been redacted for privacy. This is generally a very good sign of transparency and honesty.


Business Information

USOne factor that we always take into consideration when looking into e-pharmacies is whether or not the company openly displays information about its employees. This is because the employees of a pharmaceutical company are important and should carry proper licensing in order to adequately and safely service the customer base.

In terms of this particular company, there is openly displayed information on every employee from the CEO, to the pharmacists in charge of medications. This is a very good sign of the legitimacy of this company.

When looking at Scam Adviser, we were very pleased to see that this company holds a trust score of 100/100. The third-party review site has all positive things to say about this e-pharmacy, which corroborated what we have found thus far.


Regulatory Approval

certifiedWhile looking on this website, we were able to see that this e-pharmacy openly displays information that states that they are an accredited business. They claim to be accredited by Legit Script and when we looked into this, we found that this information is also honest and forthcoming.

This company is yet to have been reviewed by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), however, this does not necessarily mean anything negative. We believe that if the NABP does look into this company, they will be granted another license.


Products and Pricing

This e-pharmacy does not openly display information on its products or their prices. This is because customers have to first contact the company and a licensed pharmacist will begin the process of looking over your prescriptions and then approve you. This is certainly an excellent way to ensure the safety of the customers. This company is not intended to be a large store or source for anyone’s medication, as they are meant to serve those with prescriptions.

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Shipping and Returns

As for shipping information, this e-pharmacy does display some general information. As stated by the company, all orders outside the 50-mile radius from our physical locations are shipped using USPS Priority Mail. Customers within the covered territory can opt for next-day delivery with the local courier service at the cost of $6.


This company does state that all sales are final, however, they also state that to be eligible for a return or exchange, you must email within 30 days of the order date. Store credit can be made available if the correct product is not.



feedbackThis company does not host any ratings or testimonials on its website, more than likely for the purposes of client privacy. The same can be said for third-party websites like Trustpilot. There, the company has been left unclaimed and without submitted ratings.

However, one can look on Google and see that this company currently holds a rating of 4.7 stars, from nearly 800 submitted ratings. This showcases a large amount of customer satisfaction.



In conclusion, we can confirm that is a safe source of online medication, for those that hold a valid subscription. This company openly displays the appropriate information for potential clients to see, which is an excellent sign of transparency. They also have great ratings from sites like Scam Adviser and even hold accreditation from Legit Script.

  We are awarding this company with a 60% trust level and would recommend this e-pharmacy to those who need it.  


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