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main page is an e-pharmacy that claims to be one of the leading online drugstores, regardless of the fact that they have only been operating for the last three years. Aside from this claim, they also state that they are a Canadian-owned and operated business. As these are large claims, we felt it was important to complete a thorough background search of this company, in order to protect the health and safety of all potential customers.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2021-05-19
Owner CountryCzech Republic
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanadian Drugstore
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1 (866) 503-48-18
UK: +44 (870) 490-06-18
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfor Regular Delivery
Payment Methods


Domain Information

As previously mentioned, this company does openly claim to have been in business for the past three years. Despite claiming to be a Canadian pharmacy, under the “About Us” page, this company also claims that all of their medications are Indian FDA approved, while also being certified internationally.

2021-05-19When looking at the publicly registered domain information, we were not surprised to see that the claims made by this company are highly falsified. First and foremost, it is crucial to note that this is not a Canadian-owned business. The registrant, technical, and administrative (ownership) information dictates that this company is actually located in Prague, Czech Republic.

We also feel that is worth mentioning that this company has not been registered for three years. This company was only initially registered on May 19th of 2021 – making it apparent that they have been in business for less than a year. If they were operating prior to this, then they were doing so without publicly registering as a pharmaceutical company.


Business Profile

Unlike the majority of legitimate companies that we look at, this e-pharmacy does not openly list any information on their employees, business licenses, or regulations. CZThis is generally a large warning sign, as a lack of transparency usually means that this company has something that they wish to hide or not disclose to the public.

To corroborate our opinions and the information that we have discovered thus far, we felt the need to take a look at a third-party website. When looking at Scam Adviser, we were able to see that our present opinions were validated. This e-pharmacy has a trust score of 1/100 – which is clearly very terrible. Scam Adviser found that the identity of the ownership of this company is hidden and the server of this particular website includes several other low-rated websites.


Regulatory Approval

This website does not adhere to any known regulations and because of this, they do not hold any known business licenses. On Legit Script, this e-pharmacy has been listed as “rogue”. rogue statusWhen looking on the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s safety approval website, we were able to see that this e-pharmacy has been flagged and placed on their “do not recommend” list.

This should come as a warning to any new or returning customers, as this information means that this e-pharmacy cannot guarantee the quality of its marketable products. There have been no safety tests completed, at least not by an official governing body.


Products and Pricing

pillsWhile it has been made clear that the Indian FDA approval rating on all medications is falsified information. However, as for the products that this company carries, they are sectioned off into some of the following categories:

❋ Anti Acidity, Anti Diabetic, Blood Pressure
❋ Cholesterol, General Health, Men’s Health
❋ Pain Relief, Skin Care, Weight Loss, Women’s Health

As for information associated information for medications, this company does ensure to display it.


Payments and Shipping

In terms of payment methods offered to customers, this company supposedly offers the following options:

delivery❋ Visa, Visa Electron
❋ Mastercard, Discover
❋ Debit Cards, E-Check
❋ Bank Wire Transfers

As for shipping methods, this e-pharmacy offers the following:

❋ Trackable Courier Service – 7-9 Working Days – $29.95
❋ International Unregistered Mail – 14-21 Week Days – $9.95



fakeWhile the website for this e-pharmacy does host a page dedicated to testimonials, we cannot confirm that these are legitimate submissions. They offer very minimal information on the customers and do not include any links to third-party sites like Google, Yelp, or Facebook.

When looking at the very trusted rating website, Trustpilot, we were able to see that this company’s page has been left unclaimed by the ownership and that there are no submitted reviews.



In conclusion, we cannot in good conscience recommend the use of This is an e-pharmacy without any proper documentation or known licenses. They have been blacklisted by the NABP and are listed as “rogue” by Legit Script. This, coupled with a massive lack of reviews, has caused us to give this company a 15% trust level.

  Customers should consider a safer alternative e-pharmacy when ordering their medications.  


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