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main page is an internet pharmacy with more experience than you expect. They are most likely based in the United States, though there isn’t enough evidence to definitively identify their country of origin. The website deals in most drugs but they seem to have a significant interest in sexual enhancers.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2010-01-22
Owner CountryUkraine
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of Organisationunknown
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Info

There are a lot of factors that will encourage you to dismiss this pharmacy. But their age is not one of them. The people behind the domain created it on the 22nd of January in 2010. In other words, they have been in business more than a decade. Regardless of their other weaknesses, you have to give this site respect for surviving on the internet for so long. Of course, surviving on the internet is not the same thing as thriving. And there is no reason to believe that this pharmacy has thrived.



Related Websites

You can tell that this drugstore is small because it feels the need to share its server with nearly three dozen other websites. It isn’t that uncommon for small medical platforms to share computing resources with other websites.

a low rating

So you cannot fault this firm for that reason, especially when you consider the fact that ScamAdviser gave them a trust rating of 40 percent. That rating is higher than most people expect. Then again, any applause the site might have earned as a result is immediately mitigated by the fact that the identity of its owner is a mystery.


Business Profile

This website has a few things going for it. ScamAdviser has determined that they have an SSL Certificate. This suggests that their data security isn’t so lax. Their Alexa ranking isn’t that bad either. If that wasn’t enough, their website is well designed. The colors and the layout provide it with a professional sheen. A cursory glance could easily trick you into believing that you have a reliable and experienced medical partner on your hands. Of course, that assumption would be wrong.


This website is aesthetically pleasing. However, it has terrible content that is not only nonsensical and vague but also filled with numerous spelling and grammatical errors. The individual pages have a generic structure to them, and a lot of the words were copied from other websites, especially when it comes to the information in the ‘FAQ’ page. There is no business address to be found anywhere.

Besides, the pharmacy is operated from Ukraine that is a big red flag. The email option, no other verifiable contact information has been provided. Website owners hide their identities all the time, and many of them do so for perfectly rational reasons. But there is so much going against this website that you have to presume that the owner chose to hide his or her identity for a suspicious reason.


Regulatory Authorization

According to LegitScript, this platform is rogue. It has no proper licensing or accreditation. If the pharmacy has been legally registered in its country of origin, there is no way of proving it because the nation in which it is based cannot be identified.

rogue status


Available Products

The portal sells common prescription and non-prescription drugs. Their catalog seems comprehensive. But their pages are splattered with ads and promotions associated with male sexual enhancers. More than likely, this platform was created to sell sex-related merchandise and little else. You don’t even require a prescription to get your pills.



Payments and Deliveries

Because these are generic sexual enhancers, the price tags are quite friendly. The drugstore never actually claims to sell the cheapest medicine. Rather, they keep boasting that their prices are reasonable. To make payments, you need Visa, Diners Club, AMEX, E-Checks, and MasterCard. If the firm successfully charges your card, they will send you your drugs via Trackable Courier Service or EMS. You should expect to get your package in 21 days depending on the delivery option you have chosen.




You can find reviews for this company on its official website. You will read testimonials from people like Hugo Arnou who was afraid to take Nolvadex. But then a doctor from the website pushed him to give it a chance and it worked for him. Joseph Mallia bought Valtrex from the website and it improved his medical situation. Randy Pettit appreciated the company’s fast delivery and quick response. To be clear, while most of the testimonials on the site are positive, they can’t be trusted because the online pharmacy could have faked them

might be fake has a profile on Trustpilot. However, customers have expressed dissatisfaction, often reporting that they never receive their orders. Despite only having three reviews, these negative experiences strongly suggest that the pharmacy might be a scam.




You have no reason to suspect that they might be legit. The design is passable but everything else raises all the wrong alarms, including the mysterious owner, vague information, and negative customer reviews.

 This website earns a trust level of 20%.


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  1. It’s a scam. My girlfriend placed an order 2 weeks ago, paid extra for 5 to 9-day shipping and was given a tracking number that is fake… no answer to emails. They took her money and gave her nothing.

    • Hello, Michael! It’s a sad story. I wish your girlfriend hadn’t used this pharmacy’s services. Next time tell her to be more careful and read our pharmacy reviews that can be of great help sometimes!

      • Hello, Daniel! We can’t check it because the drugstore has no reviews online. But basing on all other negative features we suppose doesn’t deliver anything that’s why even if someone orders there they never get their meds.

    • Yes, Jenny, the same conclusion we made after reviewing this online pharmacy. Be more careful next time and best of luck to you!

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