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Some pharmacy websites can actually be just a front or scam that entails the people behind it to illegally phish and bait personal information from their clientele. They can use all these details for other negative propaganda like identity theft, money stealing done online, illegal credit card information retrieval. Remember: once the site is entered and it feels sketchy, deceptive, and “too good to be true,” then it definitely is. Is that claims to be a convenient and easy way for online shoppers a scam?

Domain Details
Date of Registration2017-04-27
Owner CountryUnited States
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanadian Drugstore
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Business Profile

2017-04-27A very straightforward and direct domain. Easy to remember and showcases high quality of audiences using their chosen display of autonomy and control using a country name familiar to all. Can be a trigger or clickbait for the site using the domain details. The domain was registered on the 27th April in 2017.

Quoted as “Best-Selling drugs from Canada”, their business offers discreet and unmonitored supplying of bulk orders of generic medicines and pills manufactured for the clients.


Regulatory Approvals

They also have generic brands with only FDA approvals mainly and not so much the branded ones everyone trusts and know of. As for ScamAdviser, the website has a trustscore of only 1% out of 100%. This website has been reported by NABP as Not Recommended. We also checked the online pharmacy’s status on LegitsScript and found out it is rogue. The online pharmacy placed a CIPA icon on their website but after checking its domain in the CIPA database we learnt that it’s not a member.

not a member


Products and Pricing

productsThis helpful review indicates that the online pharmacy is one of the pharmacy websites that attract their audience by offering medications that are unbelievably low priced and can be bought in bulk and yet can be shipped for free, discreet and unmonitored.

Apart from these, their bestsellers on the site are the products needed by mature aged men to increase potency and treat other issues that are not supposed to be experienced as they age. Professionals use this technique to scam and target their victims easily.


Payments and Delivery

Their payment options and requirements seem fabricated, as well as they only accept credit cards and E-checks which can be easily hacked via the details one must provide before checking out their items. It takes one month to process the refund for any anomalies in the products.

shippingDelivery and Shipping Details are also a bit deceptive, which triggers anyone to doubt if the services of this online drugstore. They exclusively ship via:

❋ EMS shipping
❋ Registered AirMail

Many reviews by security professionals have mentioned that some people like to scam using this method.

When the victim has paid in full and not received it, all blame goes to the delivery handler—a highly recognized scapegoat technique.



A review seen in the FAQs of this company states on the record that their products enter the countries of their clientele unregistered and manufactured in an offshore zone. might be fakeThis is definitely a sign that the pharmacy website is not trustworthy and is not worth the time and effort as it is known that all exports and imports of products, especially medicines or other products need to be screened and registered accordingly and follow the regulations of customs and entering cross borders.

Another review states as well that the pricing they have for products is unreasonably cheap and inexpensive, which seemingly alarms audiences. Having the people behind answer it indirectly and without a concrete reason is already a hint that it is a scam.


Conclusion is best to avoid purchasing their products and medications online as their means of pricing, reasoning, and manufacturing of products are expressed as unreliable and not secure to the user experience and the information or details hosted in this online drugstore.

It is best to resort to different and more trusted options online for legitimate and effective medicines and products that will not phish and scam their clientele but transparently provide secure and regulatory board approved brands of medicine, reliable shipping and delivery details, and even recommended and highly approved third party payment options and not just a single-handedly created one for the sake of the website and sensitive personal and financial details getting.

  The trust level for this online drugstore is a whopping 15% only.  


Pharmacy Ranking

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