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Ordering medicine online is excellent – it saves people the hassle of going out and personally getting their prescribed medicine. While online stores are convenient, it is essential to note and be aware of scams that can also happen in online drugstores. It is crucial to know which among the drugstores online are legitimate sellers. In this review, we will focus on the company and see if this online drugstore is legit or a scam.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2019-11-12
Owner CountryTC
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationFor Daily Medicine
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-Number+1(844) 443-3220
Email[email protected]
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingon orders above $200
Payment Methods


Company Information

Daily Medicine claims to have the goal of offering people affordable generic drugs that are of excellent quality. The site claims that the online drugstore can be accessed and bought globally. The online drugstore’s website claims that known trusted medicine manufacturers manufacture its drugs. Still, there is not much information on the company’s website regarding their history, making them a bit hard to trust when it comes to their background. For Daily Medicine is an online pharmacy that claims to have good intentions on its website to provide quality healthcare globally through affordable drugs.


Domain Details

After searching the site’s history, we found out that the site was registered way back in 2019 and will expire in 2023. The site is not new, but the site’s details lacking in terms of this online drugstore’s background and history are pretty alarming, which makes it hard to trust despite the few years of the site being up.



Business Profile

Anyone who have tried buying medicine from an online drugstore before would notice that the company is very transparent about its history and other essential details that the customer can check and look into. TCThere is not much to go on in terms of its background when it comes to this online drugstore, which makes it tough not to view this company as a scam.

The company provides contact information and even some social media pages, but the information about the company’s history and CEO is nowhere to be found. While the online pharmacy website claims to have good intentions and goals, it is hard to trust a company that keeps important information a secret; any legit pharmacy would share their business information instead of hiding it.


Approvals From Regulatory Agencies

rogue statusThe online pharmacy does not have any certificate approvals from any regulatory agencies, which makes the probability that this online pharmacy is a scam. The site claims to sell drugs that qualified pharmacists verify, yet this company does not have licenses, certificates, and approvals.


Available Products

This online drugstore offers a wide range of generic medicines that pharmaceutical experts claim to be safe and approved. The drugs found on the site are typically the drugs you can find at your local drug stores. Before you can order a medication from this company, they require you to submit a prescription which is a good thing.




The pricing on the various drugs found on the website is pretty affordable and cheap compared to the standard prices for these medicines. The company upholds its goal of providing affordable medicine. However, it is essential to note that having cheaper medicine may be because they are counterfeit versions of the drug and are poorly made, so caution is advised.



Payments and Deliveries

The site accepts card payments, but it is not advisable to enter such essential details into a company that does not even share its information on the site. The company delivers the medicine customers buy through a courier service that drops the product at your doorstep within two weeks, 3 to 4 weeks if there are extraordinary, unforeseen events.



Customer Reviews

This online pharmacy store does not have customer reviews found on its site, which is a big red flag. Customer reviews about the site also can’t be found online, which further lessens the credibility of this online pharmacy store.

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It is important to note that the business details of this online pharmacy store are well hidden and that this company does not have any licenses, certificates, and regulatory approvals. Not much is known about them, which increases the chances that this store is most likely a scam.

  We are giving a 20% out of 100% trust value, which is very low.  


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