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The best way to buy medicines and drugs these days is to order them online. It ensures that you can get doorstep delivery. In the process, you might save some money. There are numerous pharmacies that fulfill prescriptions. The problem is that you do not know for sure which pharmacy is legit and which one is a fly by night operator. That is why this article will help you out today. Once you go through it, it will be easier for you to understand whether you should buy from this pharmacy or not.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2012-03-06
Owner CountryUnited States
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationLong Prairie Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Email[email protected]
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Company Information

When you visit the about us page of the pharmacy, it lays down its address. It means that you can get all the details of the pharmacy. It lists the services which it provides as well. It takes an entirely transparent approach when it comes to divulging the details of the pharmacy. That is why this factor is positive when it comes to credibility.



Domain Details

When you dig into the domain information of the pharmacy, you will realize that the domain was registered back in 2012. It indicates that the pharmacy has been around for quite some time. Once you go through the about us page of the pharmacy, you will also realize that it has a physical presence as well. That is why, in terms of credibility, there is nothing to worry about.


When ordering from this pharmacy, you are ordering from a pharmacy that has been around for close to 8 years. Also, since it has extensive experience in fulfilling orders and prescriptions, you can be sure that you will be able to get the right drug when ordering from this pharmacy.


Business Profile

Another way to know more about any pharmacy is to dig deeper into the details of the pharmacy. When you do so, you will not only know about the address of the pharmacy but also its phone number to ensure that there is no confusion regarding the country of ownership. All the information which you need about the pharmacy is readily available online. So, it is an entirely transparent pharmacy. With many other pharmacies having numerous red flags, this one having a completely transparent approach is a reliable choice.



Regulatory Agencies

The pharmacy has the license to operate as a mail service pharmacy. At the same point in time, it is approved by the National Association of Boards of pharmacies as well. It indicates that it has all the licenses and the approvals to operate as an online pharmacy.


Moreover, it links to the page where more details are mentioned about this approval as well. That is why if you want to verify the approval of the pharmacy, you can certainly do so. Once again, the pharmacy goes transparent when it comes to displaying its credentials.


Available Products

When you look at the services of the pharmacy, there are mainly four types of services on offer. These include:

 Prescription refills
refills Transfer prescriptions
 Private consultation
 Medication therapy management

It ensures that you get most of the prescription drugs from this pharmacy. That is why you need not worry about the inventory of the drugs. The pharmacy goes to great lengths to ensure that it can fulfill your prescription. So, you need not worry about the available products as long as you have a prescription.



When you compare the price of drugs from this pharmacy with other pharmacies, you will know that the price is almost the same. However, the pharmacy does offer free local delivery. Due to this very reason, you can save a lot of money. Also, if you’re not within the region free delivery, the shipping cost is on the lower side. That is why you will surely be able to save money on shipping when ordering drugs from this pharmacy.


Payments and Deliveries

The pharmacy accepts most credit cards. That is why ordering from this pharmacy will not be a problem. When you look at the regions of delivery, it ships to states like:

states Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska
 Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Texas

If you’re within one of the states, you can order from this pharmacy with complete confidence.


Customer Feedbacks

When you look at the Facebook page of the pharmacy, you will be able to view the customer reviews as well. Also, there are the latest customer reviews available as well as older ones. It means that the pharmacy is undoubtedly quite popular among consumers. Thus, if you make your decision about the pharmacy based on its customer reviews, this one has those as well.




When you look at the third party checking tools as well, you will realize that the LongPrairiePharmacy.com reviews are generally positive. There is nothing scammy about it. It is a legit pharmacy which fulfills prescriptions. That is why if you’re in two minds regarding this pharmacy, you should order from it. The only downside is the limited delivery area.

 Considering all of these factors, we give it a 75% trust level.


Pharmacy Ranking

We have created a rating of online pharmacies which gained our trust on the basis of their verified certificates, great customer feedback and quality services. Have a look and find the best store satisfying your needs.

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