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main page is an online pharmaceutical company that claims to connect customers to unlimited access to generic and brand-name medications from around the world. However, upon first glance at this company’s website, we immediately began to notice some red flags. Therefore, we felt the importance to complete a very thorough background search of this e-pharmacy.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2018-10-25
Owner CountryRussia
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Information


As mentioned, we noticed right away that there was missing information on this website. First, we took note of the fact that there was no information on the location or ownership of this particular company. The only inkling of information we found was the US and UK customer service numbers provided, however, this does not prove an actual location.

Moreover, when we looked into the particulars of the domain information in public files, we found that the registrant and administrative location is set to be in Moscow, Russia. Russia is considered an incredibly high-risk country in terms of purchasing online or disclosing personal information like credit information, addresses, etc.


Business Profile


In terms of business license or employee information, we were not able to find anything indicating that this business or its employees are accredited. This is generally not a good sign, as it shows that this company either does not hold licenses or does not feel the need to be openly transparent with its customer base.

When looking into third-party ratings, from trusted sites like Scam Adviser, our suspicions were confirmed. Scam Adviser has given this e-pharmacy a score of 1/100, making sure to highlight many negative aspects they have discovered. They found that the website’s ownership hides their identity with a paid service, as well as the website being served from a high-risk country (Russia). They also found that no ratings were available on commonly used sites and that there were many low-rated websites run from the same server.


Regulatory Approval

Regulatory approval or practices are incredibly important, as they determine the standing of an e-pharmacy with official regulating bodies, as well as maintaining the safety and testing of marketable products. In the case of this e-pharmacy, there was no documented evidence of this, so we turned to the websites of official bodies. There, we were able to find the necessary information that we required for our background check.


The e-pharmacy holds poor standing with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). The NABP has listed this company on their “Do Not Recommend” list, as well as submitting a report on their findings. The same can be said on Legit Script, where this company is listed as “rogue.” We even looked at accredited sources like the MIPA, CIPA, and the CPA – where we found consistent results.

All of this should come as very alarming and eye-opening information to any potential customer. This pharmacy is currently negating their customer’s safety and the quality of their products, to continue servicing the public.


Products and Pricing

As for products and pricing, this e-pharmacy is not short on options. They carry well over 100 different types of medications, in over 30 categories of disease, illnesses, and injury. While this may seem like a positive attribute of a company, this is not the case. Legitimate pharmacies will more often than not, specialize in specific categories of medicine or bodily issues – which showcases both knowledge and trustworthiness.


E-pharmacy’s that are often questionable or downright illegitimate will seemingly carry hundred of medications, often without proper information attached. This is merely a sales tactic to become known as a “one-stop-shop” and sell an abundance of products. Some of the categories of medicine that this company displays are:

❋ Asthma, Birth Control
❋ Cholesterol, Diabetes
❋ Men’s Health, Pain Relief
❋ Skin Care, Women’s Health


Payments and Shipping

This company presently lists the following payment methods as options for their customers:


❋ Visa, Mastercard
❋ American Express
❋ JCB, Diner’s Club
❋ Discover, E-Checks

As for shipping methods, the company offers the following methods to their customers, internationally:

❋ Trackable Courier Service – 5-9 Days
❋ Airmail Service – 14-21 Days

The particular trackable courier services that will be used are dependent on your location.



There were no reviews available for this e-pharmacy on any reputable review websites, like Trustpilot. The company was also left unclaimed by the ownership. The only available testimonials were the ones posted directly on this company’s website. The testimonials do not come with a date, merely a name and location or age. These ratings cannot be corroborated on any site or social media platform, so we believe they are falsified.




We do not recommend that folks use this website, for a multitude of reasons. However, the main reasons are the lack of licenses and regulations, the server location being in Russia, and the overall lack of professionality and transparency.

  In conclusion, we have given a 15% trust level.  


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