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As a “top leading” US pharmacy, HisBlue.com guarantees customers a safe and affordable way to access their prescription and over-the-counter medications online. They showcase a commitment to quality and excellent customer service and delivery. We have completed a full background verification process on this company, to confirm or negate their legitimacy.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2019-07-27
Owner CountrySweden
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationHisBlue
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Domain Information


As usual, we began by taking an in-depth look at this company’s domain information. As this company is claiming to be American, we felt an importance to fact-check this statement. Under the particulars of this e-pharmacy’s domain information, we discovered that the registrant and administrative information (ownership) is set to be located in Vastra Frolunda, Sweden. We considered this very odd, as this company even lists American phone numbers under the “Contact Us” section.

While this does not necessarily mean that the company doesn’t directly service American customers, it does mean that they are technically not a “US Pharmacy”. They should most likely claim to be a Swedish company that targets American clientele.


Background Information


Unfortunately, this company is not very transparent in terms of publicly displaying company information. This information would generally include, properly documented business licenses, a list of employees and their appropriate licenses, and perhaps even some proof of safety approvals over the marketed products. We were unable to find any of this information listed on the website.

However, when looking into this business’s profile on Scam Adviser, we were pleasantly surprised. This company holds an immaculate score of 100/100. They made sure to highlight their appreciation for both an abundance of positive ratings, as well as the use of an external rating system.


Regulatory Approval

As previously mentioned, we were unable to find any proof of regulatory practices or known licenses on this e-pharmacy’s website. When this occurs, we will attempt to find this information on the websites of official and governing bodies. From websites like Legit Script, or governing authorities like the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), we are able to find arguably the most important information, for our verification process.


This information would be the overall standing of this e-pharmacy. For example, in terms of the NABP, this e-pharmacy has currently not been reviewed. While this may not seem to be a negative aspect, one should perhaps consider the fact that this company is operating and selling medication without their approval.

As for Legit Script, this company is presently listed as “rogue”, meaning that they are operating without regulations or licenses.


Products and Pricing

To go along with the branded name of this company, the e-business does have an abundance of products that are dedicated to men’s health issues. Many of these issues are related to sexual functionality issues, however, they do branch off into areas like hair loss as well.


Aside from the men’s health medication, this company also carries a few other products under the following categories:

❋ Abortion
❋ Narcolepsy
❋ Women’s Sexual Stimulants

This company does showcase a lot of information under their medications, including things like dosages, pricing, side effects, interactions with other medications, etc. However, we could not find information dictating that prescriptions are required for any medication. This is particularly alarming in the case of medications for narcolepsy or abortions.


Payments and Shipping

billing details

This company does make sure to note that they presently offer the following payment methods to their customer base:

❋ Visa
❋ PayPal
❋ Stripe

This company currently lists that shipping rates are calculated at checkout, but orders under $150 will be charged a flat rate of $30.

They do guarantee that orders will be dispatched within 24-48 hours. However, shipping times vary depending on which distribution center your order is sent from. deliveryAccording to the website, shipping estimates are:

❋ US Distribution Centre (for US Customers) – 5-7 business days
❋ India Distribution Centre – 3-4 weeks
❋ Singapore Distribution Centre – 3-4 weeks



This company proudly posts that they have been rated on Trustpilot, showcasing a link on their homepage. We were very happy with what we saw on Trustpilot. This company holds a rating of 4 stars, out of a total of 67 reviews. Of these ratings, the vast majority are very positive. This leads us to believe that this e-pharmacy has a decent customer base and site traffic.

positive review



In conclusion, there are aspects of HisBlue.com that we appreciate. The outstanding reviews and site traffic, coupled with good third-party ratings from sites like Scam Adviser are indications of happy customers. However, the lack of business licenses or regulations is troubling. Because of this, we presently give this e-pharmacy a 40% trust level.

  In the future, we would hope to see positive standing with organizations like the NABP.  


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