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KamagraOriginal.to is an American website that offers medical information and products to consumers in the US and Europe. Their biggest attraction is the discreet nature of their services. They know that many men don’t want their friends and family to know that they use sexual enhancers. For that reason, they deliver their drugs in plain packaging that does not reveal its contents. This allows customers to anonymously receive the treatment they require.

Domain Details
Date of Registrationunknown
Owner CountryBudapest
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationKamagra Original
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the base
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingon orders over €200
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Domain Info

It is unclear as to when the domain was created. The store is somewhat secretive where its online operations are concerned. It doesn’t appear to be a young internet pharmacy. At the very least, they are older than five years, which is a good sign.



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ScamAdviser gave the store a rating of 100 percent which is quite high. ScamAdviser believes that the platform can be trusted. They have a valid SSL Certificate, a sign that communications with the website are protected. They have several reviews on websites besides the company’s own. It is easier to trust internet pharmacies that have a decent presence online. This one has a paper trail that you can follow. Their Alexa ranking is high, another encouraging sign which tells you that they receive a lot of traffic.

high trust


Business Profile

The drugstore is based in Budapest. The fact that they have a business address tells you that they are more trustworthy than the majority of medical sites on the internet. Most of their competitors are mysterious companies whose origins are unknown because they have chosen to hide their business addresses. This website’s decision to reveal its business address is encouraging. Though, the fact that they have limited the number of avenues through which customers can reach them is somewhat puzzling. The store gets a lot of the drugs it sells from India, which explains their low prices.

Their merchandise is the highest quality, and they are more than willing to prove this claim. The store’s drugs differ in appearance from the brand name pills to which many European and American customers are accustomed. But that is only because they are generic.

aboutHowever, they have the same core ingredients as their brand name counterparts. They were made after the patents held by the pharmaceutical firms that discovered the core ingredients expired. This gave the store’s suppliers an opening to create similar medications that they could sell at a much cheaper price. They don’t have every single product you see in their catalog. But that doesn’t prevent them from fulfilling their obligations to their customers. Whenever a drug runs out, the pharmacy will identify a suitable alternative that can produce the same results as the drug the patient wanted.

They have processed and delivered nearly 20,000 orders to date. They do not accept returns. This is because they cannot authenticate the quality of a drug that a customer has handled. You can return a product to them if you need them to find a way of safely disposing of it. However, don’t expect them to offer you a refund simply because their pills failed to satisfy your needs. The company only provides refunds to customers when it makes a mistake. For instance, if it sends them the wrong pill.


Regulatory Authorization

Even though the company has been in operation for a number of years, it doesn’t have any regulatory seals on its platform. This is because it hasn’t been licensed or accredited by any of the relevant bodies.


Available Products

The platform sells sexual enhancers sourced from companies like:

pills Ajanta Pharma

The drugs they offer are generic.


Payments and Deliveries

Because the drugstore’s merchandise comes from India, a country known for its cheap pharmaceutical market, their prices are very low. They accept payments via bank transfer. Though, people in the Slovak Republic can pay on delivery. It can take anywhere between one working day and seven working days for packages to reach their targets.




The website has excellent reviews from customers on TrustPilot. Some people have complained about the packages they paid for that did not arrive. But for the most part, the company’s customers are happy with the quality of its products and services.

excellent reviews



Despite the absence of regulatory authority, this internet pharmacy has excellent reviews, a valid SSL certificate, and trustworthy suppliers.

 It earns a rating of 55%.


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