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main page is a shady internet pharmacy that sells sexual enhancers. Very little of what it says can be trusted. This is because it tells a lot of lies regarding its operations. It goes to great lengths to argue that it is a much older internet pharmacy with several years of experience. But in truth, it is completely new to the field and it doesn’t have any significant experience. Even if it was legit, you still wouldn’t trust it because, for a site this new, you have no way of proving that it is reliable. It needs time to build a track record. The fact that it has chosen to lie about its age tells you that it is a scam.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2020-02-14
Owner CountryUS, Switzerland
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of Organisationunknown
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the base
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Domain Details

The domain was created on the 14th of February 2020. It is just a few days old as of this moment. The content on its webpages claims otherwise. But the site is as new as they come. As such, at the moment, it has nothing to offer you.



Related Websites

ScamAdviser gave the pharmacy a rating of 58 percent which sounds mediocre but it is quite high when you consider the company’s age. It has a lot of factors working against it. Three countries were involved in its setup. That is never a good sign. Neither is the absence of a valid SSL Certificate. This should discourage you from doing business with the medical firm or even volunteering your information. Clearly, they cannot protect your data. Some of the portals that share its server include:



Business Profile

Some people argue that it is unfair to expect a website so young to present an impressive business profile. And that is true. No one expects the company’s business profile to be particularly impressive, not at this stage. And yet, you still expect them to have some kind of business profile. However, they don’t have one. This is why it is impossible to trust anything they say. The site has chosen to hide all the data surrounding its operations as a business. At the moment, you have no way of proving that this is even a business in the first place. The pharmacy seems to only exist as a website. And if that is true, you have to conclude that it isn’t a pharmacy.

USPharmacies are real companies that stock and sell medicine. An entity that only exists online cannot stock medicine. You could argue that it is a referral service rather than a pharmacy. In other words, it connects customers to real drugstores rather than selling their own medical products. But the store doesn’t say any of that. It very clearly claims to operate a pharmacy that sources, stocks and sells its own medicine. This is further proof that they are lying. And that isn’t even the first lie they have told. One of their pages says that they are 12 years old. But as you saw from their domain age, that couldn’t be further from the truth. When a site is this determined to lie, you have no choice but to ignore everything else it says.


Regulatory Authorization

The portal isn’t in the LegitScript database. Neither is it recognized by any other organization that accredits online medical stores.



Available Products

The site sells sexual enhancers that it acquires from India. However, India makes a lot of counterfeit drugs. For that reason, you cannot trust any product this store sells. They don’t ask for prescriptions.



Payments and Deliveries


Because the medicine sold here is from India, and India makes some of the cheapest drugs on the market, the products sold on this platform are very cheap. They offer free shipping and bonus pills for large purchases. They only accept credit cards. The delivery options include:

❋ Standard International Mail
❋ Express International Mail



TrustPilot doesn’t have any reviews for this site. Neither does or any other trustworthy review sites. The testimonials found on the company’s platform are fake.

must be fake



The medical platform lied about its age. It doesn’t have a business address, regulatory authority or verifiable contact information. It also purchases its drugs from a risky market.

 For those reasons, it earns a trust level of 15%.


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