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common view is a Spanish internet pharmacy. They claim to be a trusted source of drugs for US customers. They also have an American flag on their site. However, they are probably Spanish. Their origins cannot be definitively determined. That being said, there is no evidence proving that they are American beyond the claims the company has made. And you have no reason to take them at their word. They have every reason to lie.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2020-10-17
Owner CountryES
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Info

This is a young store that can trace its origins back to the 17th of October 2020, less than two months ago at the moment. The store’s registration will expire in 2021. Not only are they young but they have a short lifespan. This encourages comparisons with scams that only stick around long enough to defraud people before disappearing. You cannot use the domain age to prove that this company is a scam. But the short lifespan is definitely a cause for concern.



Related Websites

Having received a rating of 1 percent from ScamAdviser, you can conclude that the resource doesn’t trust this platform either. It commended them for their SSL Certificate which is still valid but it also took note of their weaknesses which include young domain age, poor search engine optimization, and a large number of suspicious websites on their server. After taking all those factors and more into account, came to the conclusion that they are most likely fraudulent, which is why it gave them such a low score.

low trust


Business Profile

Their business profile is abysmal. First of all, they have a generic name that doesn’t tell you anything about their brand. In fact, they don’t have a brand, to begin with. Their design is a mixture of the hundreds of designs that you have already seen in other internet pharmacies. They have chosen to use the same layout, structure, and content. The wording is even the same, down to the last later, which shows you that the owner couldn’t be bothered to inject time, money, and effort into the platform’s design. That isn’t their only problem. The owner is using a paid service to keep his identity hidden. He has done the same thing with the business address and every other piece of information related to this company.


All the data you would typically use to investigate their operations has been redacted. This is highly suspicious. It tells you that the owner has something to hide. More than likely, this redacted information proves that they are not legit. However, by hiding it, the owner has only increased the suspicion surrounding his business. Most patients know that the shadiest websites are also the most secretive. This one has made things even worse by publishing contact information that is fake. You can try their toll-free number if you want. You won’t get any responses. The same is true for their live chat mechanism. This isn’t a real internet pharmacy.


Regulatory Authorization

You cannot legally dispense drugs on the internet without receiving accreditation and certification from the relevant organizations in your country. This one doesn’t have any such accreditation or certification. They have been placed under the ‘rogue’ category by LegitScript. No other regulatory body recognizes its existence.

rogue status


Available Products

They have every drug you have seen in the catalogs of other drugstores, including pills for:


 Blood pressure
 Motion Sickness

They are proud of the fact that they do not ask for prescriptions. They do not realize that the absence of prescriptions proves that they are a scam. Every legal medical store is expected to ask for prescriptions.


Payments and Deliveries

They have the same prices as other fraudulent websites. This supports the belief that they are just a mirror site. Their drugs are very cheap. If their problems haven’t scared you off, you can pay them for their medicine using Visa, Electronic Checks, JCB, MasterCard, and Discover. With deliveries, all they offer is a trackable courier service which can take as many as 21 days to get your packages to you.




The store has a testimonials page filled with reviews that it stole from other sites. You can tell that these reviews are not real because they were written in January 2020. This pharmacy did not exist in January.




With all that you have seen, you can see why this online drugstore earns a trust level of 20%. We want you to be careful.

  Always check out everything before making an order.


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