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This online pharmacy store identifies itself as a company which links consumers to reliable manufacturers of quality, certified, brand and generic pharmaceutical products. They also highlighted affordable health products to everyone, at rock-bottom prices, as their main goal. Their products are believed to be offered alongside guidance and advises to customers, but no mention of prescriptions requirement. Other services they purportedly offer include secured payment and fast, worldwide shipping.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2022-04-10
Owner CountryRussia
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the base
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods


Domain Info

2022-04-10The domain, was registered on April 10th 2022, and bound to expire the same date in 2023. The domain was registered less than a month at the point of writing this article. The last update on the domain was on the same date it was registered. There is no contact information of the domain’s registrant, just Moscow, Russia, as their location. Whereas, the domain’s location is in Paris, France.

Further assessment on the domain showed that the pharmacy website is secured and certified by Sectigo, meaning connection is secured, including sensitive information. In addition, there was no found evidence of malware on the pharmacy website, and its SSL report showed low risk. However, irrespective of this information, sensitive information shouldn’t be shared with this website, especially because the domain was only registered, recently.


Business Profile

Online Pharmacy is the business profile of this pharmacy e-store. This is more of a description of e-commerce activities than a unique, business profile. There isn’t also any information on the employer or employee on this pharmacy website. RussiaThe only available contact information on the drugstore’s website is this US toll free number: +1 888 524 7141.

This telephone number isn’t specific to this online drugstore only, but also to some other online pharmacies that have been identified as scam. They are:


Regulatory Approvals

no infoThis online pharmacy store claims to be FDA approved – U.S Food and Drug Administration. However, a cross-examination showed this as a sham, as there were no matching records when the company name was searched. Furthermore, LegitScript and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) are also two of the most reputable pharmacy products and websites regulatory bodies today. It isn’t surprising that upon searching for this pharmacy website on NABP and LegitScript database, there were no result for it.

The implication of lying about approval and non-recognition by these regulatory bodies will reduce customer’s confidence in this online drugstore.


Products and Pricing

drugsThere are different categories of pharmaceutical products offered by this online pharmacy at supposed rock-bottom prices. They include:

Men’s Health, Women’s Health
General Health, Cardiovascular
❋ Blood Pressure, Diabetes, etc.


Payment Methods

Credit cards are the accepted payment option by this online pharmacy. methodsThe credit card types include:

Visa, MasterCard
American Express
❋ Diners Club International


Shipping Methods

Two shipping methods are apparently being employed by this online drugstore. They are:

❋ Airmail Service
❋ Trackable Courier Service

deliveryThe Airmail shipping service is restricted to some locations, while Trackable Courier service isn’t, but available in all regions and countries. The Trackable Courier shipping options costs $30 on all orders below $300, albeit free for orders exceeding $300. The delivery duration of approved orders is believed to range between 10-30 days, and also trackable.



There are lots of positive customers’ testimonials about this online pharmacy’s products and services, and no single negative review, on their website. Some of them were given in 2015, years before the pharmacy domain was registered. In addition, these reviews are also exactly the same as those on, a scam online pharmacy. There are no two ways about it, they were falsely generated and intended to mislead customers.




From all that have been discussed in this review article, all indicators point towards this online drugstore being a scam. The first and most important factor is its non-recognition by NABP and LegitScript, and its falsification of a FDA’s approval. The non-approval by these regulatory bodies mean they can engage in illegal activities like selling of prescription drugs without prescriptions and other scam activities.

Secondly, this pharmacy website appears to be a clone of three identified scam pharmacy website. It has the same “about us” info, telephone number, and other similarities with these scam pharmacy websites. Specifically, this online drugstore also has the same testimonials as those on, a scam pharmacy website. In conclusion, these identified criteria are sufficient in adequately reviewing this online pharmacy.

  Hence, its trust level is 20%, and will be identified as a scam.  


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