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Based in California and registered in San Francisco, is a predominantly safe website for female health and beauty advice. It focuses on providing support for women on beauty products and pharmaceuticals associated with women’s medical issues. It is a sister site to the already popular and both sites have been mentioned in popular magazines such as Forbes.

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Date of Registration2016-03-10
Owner CountryUnited States
Contact Datayes
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Name of OrganisationHers
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Domain Info

The domain is registered to Melissa Baird from San Francisco and has been active since 2016. Full address and contact details in San Francisco are provided. The connection to an older site makes this site seem even more reliable, especially as both sites have been discussed in the media at large.



Business Profile

The website is very professionally edited, with artistic photography making its appearance seem even more sophisticated. The company employs a medical advisory team and promotes itself as wanting to give women power and control over their personal choices. This suggests the owners have a strong moral purpose, and their emphasis on expert opinions makes them seem even more responsible. Although some of the medications on offer may have had dubious reviews elsewhere, the provision of experienced medical specialists is reassuring. Images of the medical team are supported by professional and academic credentials which incite further confidence.

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Regulatory Approvals

All the medications and treatments on offer are FDA approved. Prescriptions are not required as they can be provided by the professionals working on the site through telephone, message or live-chat consultations. Users create a profile linked to their government-issued ID to ensure full medical history is available if required. All doctors are qualified and licensed to give advice or write prescriptions when needed. The pharmacy has a LegitScript approval.



Products and Pricing

Pricing is a little controversial as some pharmaceuticals such as birth control tablets can be provided for free at local medical centers, but cost as much as $30 per month on the site. The price could be explained as worthwhile for the ease and reliability of the service, although some customers may well be better off if they visited their own doctor. Products include a plethora of items to promote health and beauty. Some of these products seem expensive compared to their supermarket counterparts but they contain active ingredients which are medically proven to have specific effects. Beauty products include treatments for skin and hair such as:

drugs❋ Anti-aging formula
❋ Acne repair
❋ Melasma treatment, etc.

In addition, there is a range of products aimed at improving wellbeing by improving general health or focusing on medications to address psychological issues. For example, these include “the Gummies” which are intended to strengthen nails and hair, and propranolol, a well-known pharmaceutical in the treatment of anxiety-related illnesses. Further information is available on all products including possible side effects, active ingredients, well-known brand versions, and recommendations.



Hers is a subscription service with payments taken monthly or quarterly. Products which do not require a prescription can be purchased separately by adding to the cart in the online shop. Credit card details are registered to the user profile when first set up to enable payments to be taken when required. Following a request for a prescription-only product, a follow-up online consultation is triggered before the medication is prepared for distribution. The prescription continues at the set monthly fee unless canceled. Further consultations can be required before further monthly deliveries.


Shipping and Delivery

The cost of shipping free and included in the price of the product. Once the prescription has been raised and payment secured, products are shipped via USPS to any address including PO boxes. The packaging is fairly discreet, although the logo is displayed. Hair loss treatments are particularly discreet. Either USPS standard first class or UPS delivery is used, depending on the product.




A variety of reviews appear on different sites online, which again adds to the authenticity of the site. Some refer to how easy it is to find dermatological treatments with specific active ingredients that some customers depend upon to improve their conditions, doctors are described as friendly and the service is reputed to be very quick. Some criticisms include that active ingredients in certain products might be lower than elsewhere.




Overall, this site offers a valuable service to busy people who are unable, or embarrassed, to see their local doctor. Treatments are provided efficiently and fast. Qualified doctors are employed by the site and patients must take part in a consultation before medications are distributed, which increases its reliability. Further information includes a range of medical information and research which shows a great deal of care is taken to provide the right information.

 Overall, the longstanding history, moral purpose, and high volume of customers contribute to giving this site a trust level of 60%.


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