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main page is an insecure US-based website in which an online pharmacy business is run. We only draw conclusions from evidence. That’s exactly why this review is here not only to inform you that this drugstore is rogue, but also to provide the basis of our study to act as evidence. Kindly delve deeper a little more below to grasp the knowledge and get to grok this drugstore better.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2016-09-02
Owner CountryUS, China
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline World Drugstore
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-760-284-3222
EU: +4420-3286-3820
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfor orders above 200$
Payment Methods


Domain Information

On 02-09-2016, barely 2.46 years ago, this shop’s domain name was taken down. We referred from WhoIs, the business’s registration records. Whois is a globally reliable query-and-response platform. That’s why we resorted to it for the details.  According to our experience, youthful drugstores tend to have a trend of lacking credibility. A larger percentage of those that are 5 years or less of age are the worst. In fact, the lesser the age, the lesser the trustworthiness. Canadian-Pharmacy-365 is just less than 3 years old. Chances that it is a member of the unreliable pharmacies are very high.



Business Profile

Starting from the location, it is true that we had to use advanced search methods to estimate that this website is likely located in the US. There are also chances of the website having a Chinese origin, basing our arguments on the registrant’s location information. However, we still believe that the reallocation is well hidden using some web service. There’s no other reason for being furtive about a website’s location than evading some responsibilities. Only a fraudulent pharmacy would do this. GuangDong NaiSiNiKe Information Technology Company Ltd, a China-based company, is the pharmacy’s domain registrar. The last time we checked, this host had a great decrease in the number of domain names hosted owing to the low trust rate it has. It is a victim of scam warnings from the FDA. This profile has a direct negative influence on the credibility of this site.

website info



Despite claims that the pharmacy deals with the most reliable manufacturers, we were able to discover that their drugs are sourced from a highly suspected country in terms of the quality of medicines originating from it – India. Making it worse is the fact that these drugs lack approval from the FDA. The first measure of high-quality drugs is approval from the relevant bodies. That’s what drugs from this pharmacy lack. There is a wide selection of medications for various diseases and disorders. More than 25 categories of drugs are listed for sale on the pharmacy’s website. They include:


❋ Painkillers
❋ Herbals
❋ Sleep aid drugs
❋ Weight loss supplements
❋ Skincare drugs

Narrowing down to their bestseller section, we noticed the sexual enhancement drugs in the list. These are the drugs that you’ll find most rogue online drugstores majoring in their sale. They tend to earn the seller quick cash and are high on demand – that’s all that a rogue internet pharmacy would need from the business.



In line with their promise, the shop retails medications at super low prices. However, these prices tend to contradict the norms of profit-making pricing. To mean, they are ostensibly unsustainable prices, if the merchant had the aim of making a profit. The medications could be manufactured and transported illegally.


Regulatory Approvals

We also established that this pharmacy operates without due regard for the conventionally acceptable business controls and practices. This is because it’s got no approval from the following regulatory authorities. It misses from CIPA member database – a sign that the body doesn’t even recognize it. It meets LegitScript’s definition terms for a rogue online pharmacy. That’s why the body declares that the business is rogue. The pharmacy also misses from NABP’s member database.  In this section, the apothecary has the poorest performance. It even goes a step further and displays a fake CIPA seal on its website.



Payment & Shipping

It is not until one reaches the checkout stage of making his orders that the website redirects to a safe webpage. Payments are also fast and the options accepted by the pharmacy are Visa, AmEx, E-ChecksAll of them are popular options. Here, the business has a remarkable performance. Shipping is done worldwide according to their terms. There’s also an assurance that your orders will get to you within the specified time frame and in a discreet and safe form. Shipping options used are the following:shipping

❋ Airmail (dubbed USPS in the US)
❋ Express Shipping

We fell for the delivery terms and cost except for one thing: that there’s no verifiable evidence to confirm that the pharmacy indeed dishes out these orders to their customers.



The only available testimonials from customers are on the website’s “testimonials” page. We chuckled at them upon our first look. At once, we were able to know that we’ve net them severally before in other websites, there are the same reviews, word-by-word. This means that they’re robotic reviews meant for enticing more customers into the business.




In a nutshell, this is an untrustworthy drugstore with substandard services and products. Copied testimonials, operations conducted without the knowledge of regulatory approvals, poor business profile, and hiding its location are among what characterizes the drugstore’s website. We strongly advise you to keep away from it. We deservedly award it 10% trust level.

Be cautious, research, and stay safe.


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