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Purchasing personal fulfillment drugs for your uncontrolled desires might be an embarrassing or challenging experience. This is one of the reasons why online pharmacies are growing. Apart from this, the hustle of identifying the correct pills for fulfilling your issue may take extra efforts, unlike online purchasing. has managed to free its male customers from this hustle. Apart from this, the website aims at providing a cheaper version of the blue pill in comparison to other competitive brands.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2005-02-17
Owner CountryUnited States
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationBlue Chew
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingno
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Domain Information

This is an online subscription pharmacy site that provides enhancement blue pills for male fulfillment conditions. The website is a relatively fast webpage founded 14 years ago in the United States of America. The site is managed and administrated by and the Dermacare LLC organization. With an estimated domain value of $22,000, the web ScamAdviser warns and ascertains against any activities. Its original registrant city is Chicago thereby targeting the male inhabitants of the US.



Business Profile

The online store was created with the aim of providing inexpensive and convenient pill purchases. These tested healthcare chewable pills help in maintaining and treating unfulfilled male enhancement issues. They provide the effect of having control of your irrepressible human desires. They have a technical and support team that helps in controlling the online presence and managing customers’ subscriptions. With a minimum fee of $20 in a month, the pharmacy team focused on giving its buyers a different experience and meeting their correct treatment. This online drugstore has managed to achieve a target market of up to 90 % of the male population in the United States.

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Regulatory Approvals

The site is regulated and certified under Google Inc. for online activities. It is additionally verified and approved by the Dermacare organization and the PharmacyChecker to ensure legal and safe pills. Other than that, ScamAdviser and the Trust policy approve of their trust in lack of online fraud by 100%. Moreover; the government in association with the Drugs& Pharmacy institution, have allowed its business to run since the year 2005 in the US.

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Products and Pricing

The main product offered in this site is a subscription pill package that goes for $ 20 for a month. This pill is blue in color and chewable in nature due to their quick dissolving influence. It helps to boost the male hormonal issues gauged by wanting desirable abilities. They additionally offer a 30-day refund plan for customers subscription pills which is managed by their The pills they offer are however generic medical products that offer better performance.



Payment and Shipping Methods


It is important to note that they do not offer shipment to countries outside the United States. Their shipping policies and methods include providing correct information and address contact for easy trading. They ensure that they have properly packaged your pills in an envelope package. Their payment options involve online credit, master cards or other money order companies. You may need to keep track of your shipment package via email and the constant service support administered by the site. The delivery takes a few days, (three to four) depending on your district.


Delivery Details

The basic delivery options revolve around its target consumers. They have three delivery options that take up to 5 days to arrive. These options include:

❋ Mail Order with an average fee of $20 inclusive of the product price
❋ Express Airmail which cost a rough amount of $10
❋ Sea mail order of $ 8 depending on your product weight


Customer Feedback

This online platform has received a recommendable amount of positive reviews. Due to their years in business and convenient customer service, their customers have enjoyed an easy time with them. Moreover, its products have been reviewed by most clients to be safe, reliable and simple to use. I would recommend any inhabitant of the United States to trade with them as it has a 4-star rating on most Trust policy programs.

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In summary, has proved its convenience in offering online medical support for the male population of the United States. With its purpose-driven agenda of providing reliable treatment pills and inexpensive drugs boosts its trust towards consumers.

As a result, we are giving a 75% trust level to this drugstore.


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