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Diabetes is an illness that affects a large part of American society, with around 1 in 10 adults in the United States suffering from the illness. Apart from being a debilitating condition, it is also life-threatening and there is also the risk of diabetes leading to serious permanent damage to your body if left untreated. The advent of e-commerce thanks to the internet has allowed people to shop around with ease and get the best deals available with the products delivered straight to the chosen address. However, with everything good, there are risks and things that you should take note of, in this article about buying diabetes meds from an online pharmacy we will be advising you about exactly that.


Benefits of Buying Diabetes Meds Online

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One of the major benefits of buying your diabetes medication online is that you are able to save a lot of money since online stores do not have to spend money on costs that a brick and mortar pharmacy needs to take care of such as rent for the physical store, and also reduced electricity costs as they are not running a physical store and also on average they require fewer employees to run an online store. These savings are therefore transferred to the customer.

Moreover, it saves a lot of time for the customer, as they can browse multiple online pharmacies without having to leave the comfort of their home thus allowing them to get the best deal available and not just settle for the prices of the nearest physical pharmacy.


Make Sure to Research Online Pharmacy Before You Buy

It is important to properly research the online pharmacy that you are considering purchasing from. This is because there is a lower barrier of entry for someone to make an online pharmacy compared to a physical store therefore there is a larger chance of you being scammed.

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Below we have listed some of the points that you should take note of when researching an e-pharmacy.

 Age, check when the drugstore website has been registered, the older a site is the better as it reduces the risk of the site being shut down and the owners disappearing with your money.
 ScamAdviser, a useful tool that you have at your disposal is the website ScamAdviser where you have the ability to check the trust score of a website which can give you a quick overview if it is safe to use however you should not rely solely on this metric.
 Regulation, in all countries around the world there are government-approved regulatory organizations that make sure that businesses that sell pharmaceuticals are regulated. If a drugstore is not regulated then it is likely, not legit.
 Reviews, an established and safe e-commerce platform will have a large number of testimonials that are also mostly positive. It is also important to keep in mind that testimonials are most reliable when they are located on unrelated platforms to the actual online pharmacy.
 LegitScript, another great tool that you can use is LegitScript which lets you know if an e-commerce pharmacy is following the law or if it is a rogue website.


Seeking Professional Guidance Beforehand

You should fully understand the health condition that you are suffering from before you go out and purchase any medication, a lot of the established and safe to use pharmacy websites will allow you to contact them and discuss what you are looking for. And the great thing is that usually, these services are free to use. It can be very beneficial for new customers who may understand the condition that they are suffering from but may not be too acquainted with the medication that is available to treat their health condition.



Compare Prices on Different Sites

Comparing prices is more of a personal preference, if you are not too bothered about getting the best deal and saving a bit of money but are instead simply interested in saving time then this point may not apply to you. However, if you do care about saving money, the best way to do so is by comparing the prices on different sites. This can be easily done by simply searching the name of the product that you are interested in purchasing along with a keyword such as ‘for sale’ into a leading search engine such as Google or Bing for example. But do not forget to research the site with the best offer before purchasing to make sure that you are not scammed.



Make Use of Refill Services

Diabetes is for the majority of sufferers a long-term condition, that requires you to remain consistent in order to make sure that you can remain in a healthy state because there is a big risk of causing serious permanent damage that will drastically decrease your quality of life. Thankfully, the majority of modern pharmacy websites have refill services where a customer can sign up to the service and have the medication they need to be delivered straight to where they live at the same time intervals as set by the customer. Below we have also featured a video that explains how a refill subscription works:


Check Shipping Details Before Ordering


One of the most important points to take note of in this buying diabetes meds from an online pharmacy is to make sure to look at the shipping details because if you don’t you may encounter a lot of problems. For example, some pharmacy websites will try to boost their profits by charging higher shipping fees, while other pharmacies will ship their diabetes medication from the other side of the world which will lead to very long shipping times and likely high fees. Often the shipping will be a deal-breaker in whether you order from a drugstore website or not. Moreover, the shipping details can be a sign if a pharmaceutical website is safe or not, if the shipping that a pharmacy offers is too good to be true then it is likely a scam.


Prescription Will Likely Be Required

Medication for serious conditions will most likely require a valid prescription from a health professional. Prescriptions were invented with the health and safety of consumers in mind, as it makes sure that they are only able to purchase medication that they need and that they are not purchasing medication that could potentially lead to health complications. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that many pharmacy websites do have their own health professionals that can issue you prescriptions but this does come at a consultation cost. Moreover, if a pharmacy website is not requesting a prescription for a product while all other competitors are then this may be a sign that the drugstore website in question is not legit.



Review Brands Themselves

Although the actual pharmacy website that you happen to be purchasing from may be legit and safe to use, the actual medication that you are buying may not be of the highest quality. Therefore you should not succumb to the rookie mistake of simply trusting the quality of a product due to the reputation of the seller. It is a good idea to do some research yourself to see what is the medication with the best feedback from customers. However, if your doctor is recommending a certain product for your condition then you should trust what they are recommending to you, if you are suffering any side effects or are unhappy after trying the medication then you could bring it up with your doctor and see if they know about any other alternatives.



Purchase in Bulk to Save More Money

A further great tip if you are looking to save money is to purchase in bulk with the majority of leading pharmacy websites offering discounts for customers who purchase in larger quantities. This is a good idea for customers who have already tried a medical product and are sure that it is actually beneficial to their health condition. And also for customers who are sure that they are going to need to use this medication for the foreseeable future. But as with everything make sure to keep an eye out for prices that seem too good to be true.


Remember to Use Your Insurance if It Is Applicable

Finally, in this buying diabetes meds from an online pharmacy article, we are going to discuss insurance. If you are the owner of the eligible insurance that covers your diabetes then you can make use of this and save money. All legit online pharmacies will have a relationship with the major insurance providers while the rogue pharmaceutical websites may promise to offer customers with insurance a discount but will not actually act on it. A good idea is to contact your insurance company and to verify with them if a certain online pharmacy is actually collaborating with them.

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