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BurnPhat.com is an online resource that sells supplements which tackle weight loss. The website takes into account the fact that more people in the world are fatter than they have ever been, and that the majority have tried and largely failed to lose weight. The website’s objective is to make available effective organic and inorganic tools through which such people can bring their weight complications under control. In doing so, they are also availing methods to overcome high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other ailments that are related to obesity.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2004-08-12
Owner CountryUS, Canada
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of Organisationunknown
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Emailonly contact form
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingno
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Domain Info

This website was created on the 12th of August in 2004. In other words, they have been in operation for over fourteen years, which is quite impressive. Any website that has such lengthy experience on the internet must be doing something right. Even legitimate websites struggle and fail to maintain their presence online for more than a few years. This extensive lifespan doesn’t necessarily prove that the site is legit. But those fourteen years definitely earn it a little more credit than most.



Related Websites

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This resource has a number of related websites, with the most prominent including:

❋ Cbp.co.id
❋ Ashrith.in
❋ Skinroyale.eu

Surprisingly enough, most of these related portals have very high trust ratings from ScamAdviser, with some of them actually notching a 100% ranking. his is despite the fact that this company’s own ScamAdviser trust rating is a paltry 26%.


Business Profile

Nothing is known about the origins of this website. ScamAdviser believes that it probably comes from the United States, though it seems to have an association with Canada. The identity of the owner is even more mysterious. That is especially suspicious when you consider the fact that the online resource has been in business for more than a decade. Some people on Quora.com have suggested that this company’s domain name has been occupied by multiple companies over the years, mostly scams.US


Regulatory Authorization

This medical portal doesn’t have any documentation proving that it has been authorized to sell medicinal supplements on the internet. That means the site is operating outside the law.


Available Products

This resource has a number of treatments on offer, most of them designed to help consumers lose weight. They vary widely, ranging from fat burners to appetite suppressors. They include:products

❋ Keto-AQ-60
❋ C-50
❋ T3-AQ-240

Some are pills that must be swallowed. Others are fluids that have to be drunk. The quality, safety, or legitimacy of these products cannot be verified.


Payment and Deliveries

The products purchased from this website are relatively expensive, especially seeing as most of them are not medically approved. There are a few bonuses and promotions on offer that might make the prices a little friendlier in the eyes of some consumers. Payments are made via PayPal and Credit Cards. Shipping is done by UPS. Consumers are charged a flat fee of $8.




This company doesn’t have any testimonials from consumers, not even on its official website, which makes no sense when you realize that it has been around for over a decade.

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This website earns a trust level of 10%. It is probably a scam. The site refuses to take responsibility for the claims surrounding the drugs it sells, going so far as to admit that some of the information it presents cannot be trusted. They put the blame for any misinformation surrounding their pills and portions in the hands of the manufacturers, telling their visitors to direct any questions they might have to the people who made the supplements. That is very problematic because it suggests that this website doesn’t bother vetting the items it purchases from its suppliers. In other words, anyone who decides to invest in their merchandise is taking a very serious risk. That fact alone explains why the portal doesn’t have any legal authority to dispense drugs. No regulatory body in their right mind would authorize such a firm to disseminate medication whose quality and legitimacy it is incapable of verifying.

If a decade-old medical site like this one doesn’t have consumer feedback on the internet, then there is no way of proving that it is even operational as a business.


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