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911mg.com is a poorly designed website. No one can tell you where it comes from because it is so tight-lipped about its origins. The only thing anyone knows is that they sell medical products over the internet. But that isn’t much to go on, especially when you consider the fact that the internet is saturated with shady sites like this one.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2014-11-19
Owner Countryunknown
Contact Datano
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Name of Organisationunknown
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Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
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On the surface, this store’s domain age seems encouraging. After all, it was created on the 19th of November 2014. That was five years ago. Anyone that knows anything about this business will tell you that five years is a considerable lifespan. And normally, experts in the industry would push you to trust the internet pharmacy. This is because the domain age is so important in this field. You can use it to determine whether or not a site is trustworthy.

The older the better. Though, where drugstores are concerned, five years is all you need to prove that you have some legitimacy. However, even though this website is over five years old (at the moment), you still can’t afford to trust it because there is too much evidence proving that it is up to no good.


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ScamAdviser is an online resource that analyzes websites to determine whether or not they are scams. It gave this pharmacy a rating of 85 percent. That is quite high. However, the resource has also admitted that it failed to analyze the site’s content. In other words, the rating it gave them was based on incomplete information. As such, you cannot take their rating seriously. Even though it is really high, it doesn’t mean that the platform can be trusted.

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Business Profile

The problem with this website is that no one knows anything about it. No one can tell you who owns them or where they come from. This makes the store all but impossible to trust. You have to assume that every claim and boast they have made is a lie. If that wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t be so secretive. Keep that in mind before you permit their empty promises to sway you. Even though their platform describes them as a leader in the online pharmaceutical arena, their presence on the internet is very weak.

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That doesn’t make sense for an industry leader. They supposedly supply medical merchandise to customers all around the world. But the chances that their operation has such a wide reach are very low. The most concerning aspect of their existence, besides their secrecy, is the design of their platform. The website is quite ugly. Either it was designed by an amateur or the person who made it did not care about its appearance.

Either option should concern you. This behavior is rife amongst medical scams. They are often the ugliest websites around because their owners are scam artists that cannot afford to pay a professional to build a sleek and attractive site.


Regulatory Authorization

This drugstore’s biggest sin is the decision they made to include fake CIPA and MIPA seals on their platform. You can tell that these seals are fake because those organizations haven’t recognized this site as a member. If that wasn’t enough, they have been dubbed a ‘rogue’ internet pharmacy by legit script. All this goes to prove that they are a scam. Such bold falsehoods are normally a sign of fraud.



Available Products


If the platform is to be believed, it has a large catalog that includes medicine for:

 Heart Disease
 Skin Care
 Insomnia, etc


Payments and Deliveries

If you are determined to make purchases from this platform despite all the warning signs, they accept MasterCard and Visa. If your order is successfully submitted and processed, you will receive your drugs through EMS or Airmail. The waiting period ranges from three business days and three weeks. Their catalog is filled with generic drugs that are inexpensive, hence the affordable price tags.




Because this drugstore has lost all its credibility, you can assume that the customer reviews it has published on its platform were not written by real customers.




This is an abysmal site with an ugly platform and a lot of secrets which is why it earns a trust level of 15%.

 We can’t recommend our readers to shop with 911mg.com.


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