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main page leads to a rogue Internet pharmacy’s website. This is a website that’s likely located in the Northwestern region of Europe. The website’s operations, regulatory approvals, and quality of drugs are what can be used to tell all about the type of online pharmacy this is rogue or legitimate. Let’s have a better look at these factors below.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2016-11-15
Owner CountryNetherlands
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanadian Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfor every order over $600
Payment Methods


Domain Info

The pharmacy’s domain name registration details have some message. Due to the registration date of 15-11-2016, reflecting that the company is only 2 years old, we can say that it’s not experienced in the field. Lack of experience may mean a lot of things including, and not limited to poor services.



Business Profile

This drugstore’s domain name was registered, on the above date, by Hosting Concepts BV d/b/a OpenProvider, who also manages the domain name. One thing about this registrar is that it’s not once or twice that it has been warned against being the host of fraudulent online pharmacies by regulatory bodies. This is another factor that can make you believe that this drugstore is likely to be rogue as it shares the same father with rogue Internet pharmacies like:






About their Drugs

To protect their products, the pharmacy claims that the drugs available in their stores are of premier quality and verified by the relevant regulatory bodies. However, we were able to determine that this is just a theory. Neither the FDA nor WHO has admitted having verified drugs sold in this pharmacy. Lies are part of the pharmacy’s marketing strategies, and this is harmful to the customers. There is a large assortment of generic drugs sold by this drugstore. On their website, it is easy to realize that the drugs sold in large numbers are those that are categorized under “Men’s Health” drugs. The sources of these drugs are countries that have been threat-listed. They include India and Bangladesh.




Indeed, the pharmacy promises to dish out drugs to clients at low prices to help them save. That’s a good deal. However, the pricing is against the odds of logic. The drugs are sold at low prices that leave you wondering whether there are profits made by the pharmacy. Based on our experience, such unreasonable prices are tagged on drugs that are obtained from illegal sources, like smuggling across the border.



Regulatory Approvals

Unfortunately, it seems that all the outstanding certifiers do not recognize the legality of this pharmacy. The CIPA, NABP, ScamAdviser, and LegitScript all deny having known the pharmacy. To be more comprehensive, CIPA has no record of the domain name of this drugstore.

LegitScript declares it rogue. ScamAdviser awards it 3% in terms of the trust rate. NABP also doesn’t recognize the pharmacy. It goes without a say all these are a clear sign of illegitimacy.

rogue status


Payment and Shipping

To begin with, the payments policy for this drugstore demands that their customer ought to be a user of Visa or MasterCard to be able to check out and pay for their orders. With only these, the pharmacy leaves out a number of potential customers, owing to the wide range of payment options locked out.


Turning to the delivery policy, we realized that the pharmacy promises to send your orders via two means. The first one is the Standard Airmail Service. It costs $15. The time-to-delivery is between 2-3 weeks. Orders sent via this service aren’t trackable. Secondly, there’s the EMS that tends to cost more, $30. This could be due to the fact that it is faster and trackable. It takes 5-8 days. The delivery prices are dandy – good but not the best. We know about less expensive shipping costs that take even shorter delivery periods. There are, therefore, better deals than this.


Customer Feedback

This is one of the best ways to know the nature of products of an online business. They are direct experiences of customers who’ve used the service before. There’s no avenue provided for customers to air their views about the past services they received, though there is some feedback on the testimonials section. This is ironical. We do not expect customer testimonials while the customers themselves are denied the chance to post their feedbacks. These must be robotic reviews. Their aim is to attract more customers that we’ll rather dub careless. Nevertheless, this is an ill deed which should be condemned with the strongest possible terms.




With poor quality drugs sourced from threat-listed manufacturers, unreliable business profile, hidden reviews, limited payment options, no experience, medium-rated customer service and delivery policy, and others, a 10% trust level from us does no harm

 Do not waste your time on this website, avoid it.


Pharmacy Ranking

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