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main page is an online pharmaceutical company that sells and delivers medical products. They claim to bring convenience to the average consumer, making generic drugs so much more accessible, this on top of guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2010-02-10
Owner CountryRussia
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanadian Meds Store
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingno
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Domain Info

This website registered its domain on the 10th of February in 2010. That registration is expected to expire in 2019. As far as lifespans go, this website has a pretty decent one. At the very least, you can trust that the company isn’t a scam. They are probably not quite as effective and reliable as they claim. But they are also not out to simply steal money and information from unsuspecting consumers. Such fraudulent websites typically disappear a few months or even years after they first appear. This one has stuck around eight years and, at the very least, it can be a legit online pharmacy.



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The fact that this website isn’t an outright scam doesn’t mean they are completely trustworthy. You have to keep in mind that the website is based in Russia, a high-risk country from which many fraudulent online activities have emanated. Additionally, the owner has chosen to operate anonymously. The tactic isn’t legal but it also doesn’t breed trust.

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There is only one website associated with the server upon which the pharmacy is hosted. And that website is also based in Russia, which only continues to muddy the waters. It is worth mentioning that ScamAdviser has assigned this website a trust rating of 40%. That is a decent rating because it means ScamAdviser doesn’t consider it to be a threat. They just think that anyone who deals with them should do so carefully.


Business Profile

Very little is known about the origins or even the history of this website. The company it represents operates under the name “Canadian MEDS Store”. They do not have a verifiable business address. Like most online pharmacies, they source drugs from cheap suppliers and offer them to clients at a competitive price. But beyond those few tidbits, this website is pretty much a mystery.



Regulatory Authorization

The pharmacy doesn’t have any legal authorization empowering it to operate within the borders of any country. Considering its name (Canadian MEDS Store), one would expect the pharmacy to have ties to the country of Canada. But CIPA which verifies the authenticity of online pharmacies in Canada has never heard of them. LegitScript recognizes their existence. But the website classifies them as a rogue pharmacy. In other words, LegitScript believes that they are violating the law by dispensing drugs without the proper authorization.

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Available Products

This drugstore sells generic drugs. Their catalog does not include branded merchandise. But they have assured their customers that the generic drugs they sell have been approved by India’s version of the FDA. They do not have the approval of America’s FDA, though. Even though the company’s website has ads for medicinal products that treat ailments like insomnia and blood pressure, the pharmacy seems to specialize in men and women’s health. Their entire catalog is geared towards meeting the sexual health needs of men and women.



Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

The company has very cheap drugs. This often alarms people who worry that the pharmacy’s products might be of poor quality. But according to the given information, their products are cheap primarily because they are generic drugs. And, according to the website, generic drugs are always cheaper than their branded counterparts because they do not cost as much to produce. Additionally, the company has cheap suppliers in India that allow the company to acquire their merchandise at for more competitive prices than some of their rivals. When it comes to payments, this website only accepts MasterCard, Diners Club, VISA, and JCB. On the issue of shipping, consumers must choose between Airmail which can take up to 21 days to deliver an order and Express Mail Service which cuts that period down to 14 days at the most.

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This company has a number of testimonials on its website. Most of them seem to be sourced from very satisfied customers who have nothing but good things to say about the pharmacy, commending the reliability of their deliveries and the quality of their products. The authenticity of these reviews cannot be verified. There is one review from a disgruntled customer on ScamAdviser that is worth looking at.

fake testimonials


Conclusion earns a trust level of 20%. On the one hand, they have been around for so long that it wouldn’t be fair to call them a scam. They also seem to do legitimate business with actual customers. However, the fact that the company operates out of Russia raises too many questions.

 Everything surrounding its operations and its owner is shrouded in mystery.


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