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We are human, and we are therefore bound to at least once in our lives, experience personal medical issues that we would rather keep to ourselves. Unfortunately, we can’t. When faced with such issues, it is recommended to get professional help. However, the thought of having to relate your issues to someone else can be humiliating and daunting. There are times when we walk into a pharmacy to speak to an attendant or pharmacist, and as much as we try to whisper, we are often asked to repeat our request loudly, for possibly everyone around us to hear. It is precise because of those reasons that people prefer to use online pharmacies. However, the issue with those is that they are often not legitimate. Below, we are going to review an example of those online pharmacies,


Domain Details
Date of Registration2019-02-20
Owner CountryChina
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationUSA Drugs Express
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfor orders over $200
Payment Methods


Business Profile

There isn’t much information on the site’s domain. However, it has been listed as a fraudulent website. The cyber pharmacy seems to have medication for all types of conditions, including those that require professional advice and prescription. Their site lacks reliable contact information. They lack an email address or a physical address. The only way to contact them is by completing the contact form, and they claim that one should have feedback within minutes of completing the form.



Regulatory Approvals

There is also no certification to confirm that the medicine has been approved by regulatory bodies, and there are no options to speak to a pharmacy consultant or a professional, before purchasing the medication. The site does not show any proof of being registered with the state, as is the requirement for cyber pharmacies. Also, the site does not contain any certification from regulatory bodies, so the medication being sold has not been approved by the FDA or other regulatory bodies.

unknown reputation


Products and Pricing


It is common practice for fraudulent online pharmacies to have a wide range of medicine, including the ones for chronic diseases. This is the case with this particular pharmacy; they happen to have all the medication one can think of. With regards to the products, they are referred to as “high quality” and “guaranteed satisfaction’” products, which implies that the medication is seen as not a need but a want to be satisfied. This is skeptical because a legitimate pharmacy should have policies stating that clients may react to certain medication. Therefore professional advice is recommended. The medication on this site is sold per pill, instead of being sold per carton, as per the prescription instructions. This is suspicious practice because the objective of selling medication per carton is to regulate dosage according to each patient’s needs. The products are also very cheap, which is a sure sign of counterfeit products and they are offered at discounts that seem too good to be true.


Payment and Shipping

Although the site mentions well-known shipping methods, it does not publish any customer safety and privacy policies, which practically means that the clients’ confidential information is not sufficiently and effectively protected. Common shipping options are listed as:


❋ FedEx Courier Company
❋ DHL Courier Company
❋ United Parcel Service Logistics Company
❋ DPDgroup Company

However, there are no policies that typically deal with returns due to wrong shipping or other reasons. Also, once the goods have supposedly been shipped, one does not have the option of tracking the shipment. The site does not have any in-depth details of how the delivery will take place, once a client’s order has been shipped. This is a very skeptical behavior.


They accept a lot of payment modes:

❋ E-Checks
❋ AmEx
❋ MasterCard and Visa
❋ Discover and Diners Club



The positive testimonials on this online store are written on the pharmacy’s site, which is suspicious because they could have been written by the staff of this drugstore, or they could just be fake. There seems to be no negative review, which is also quiet, skeptical because even the biggest companies in the world have negative reviews.




Although it might seem to be more convenient for you to purchase your medication through a cyber pharmacy, it is highly advised to do thorough research before doing so. The consequences of purchasing counterfeit medication may be very dangerous and sometimes even fatal.

 Taking all the facts mentioned above, the online pharmacy, gets a trust level of 25%, it’s, therefore, a fraudulent site.


Pharmacy Ranking

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