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main page is an online pharmaceutical company that sells and delivers generic medical products to the consumers who need them. The Company claims that it only provides and delivers the highest quality medical products. However, there is some evidence online suggesting that this pharmaceutical venture might not be quite as legit as it claims.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2010-06-22
Owner CountryGermany
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanadian Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-760-284-3222
EU: +4420-3286-3820
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingfor orders above 200$
Payment Methods


Domain Info

This website was registered on the 22nd of June in 2010. At this particular moment in time, the registration is set to expire in 2019. However, even if the company allows that expiration date to lapse, they would still have been in business for almost a decade, which is impressive.


Most fraudulent websites do not stick around for longer than a year or two because they are more interested in scamming their victims and making a quick exit than they are in longevity. The fact that this website has been in business for such a long time does not necessarily prove its authenticity. But it is an encouraging piece of information.


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While some comfort can be taken from this domain’s longevity, the same cannot be said for the data surrounding the website’s operations. For one thing, no one knows anything about the owner of the company. The website seems to operate out of Germany but any assurances that consumers might want to draw from that information is immediately countered by the revelation that the servers on which the website seats also host a litany of suspicious and possibly fraudulent websites. Those associations do not do this company any favours, and neither are they aided by the knowledge that ScamAdviser has assigned them a trust rating of 10% and categorizes the portal as a high-risk entity.

high risk


Business Profile

On the surface, this website seems to represent a legitimate pharmacy. Operating under the name “Canadian Pharmacy”, the company claims to offer the best possible medical products to the people who need them at discounted rates. The pharmacy says that it understands the financial and time constraints that have made the acquisition of effective healthcare so difficult for most people around the world. The company aims to fill a gap that so many traditional pharmacies have neglected by providing a sustainable avenue through which cash-strapped consumers can have their medical needs met. The company guarantees its clients optimal security and privacy, especially when it comes to their personal and financial information. It should be noted that the pharmacy does not have a verifiable business address. Some people might find that worrisome.



Regulatory Authorization

Every business entity requires authorization from a relevant organization or government department to operate legally within any given space. This company has no such authorization. Their name (Canadian Pharmacy) suggests an association with the country of Canada. But CIPA, an organization that polices pharmacies in Canada, does not recognize their existence. LegitScript has gone so far as to classify them as a rogue pharmacy. In other words, the company is violating the laws of the countries in which it operates by dispensing drugs to people.



Available Products

The drugstore primarily deals in generic drugs. They claim that all their merchandise has been approved by the FDA. While the website provides drugs for a diverse number of ailments ranging from air loss to diabetes, they seem to specialize in products for men and women’s health. You do not require a prescription to order for medicine from this website.



Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

The drugs you will find on this website are very cheap. The company claims that their price tags are so competitive because they primarily deal in generic products which have always been so much cheaper than their branded counterparts. Additionally, this company does not spend money on the marketing of its products. As such, it does not incur any additional costs which it has to pass on to its consumers. When it comes to payments, the company only accepts Visa and MasterCard.

shipping details

Speaking about deliveries, customers can choose between Airmail which can take up to three weeks to ship products to addresses in the US and EMS Courier Delivery which is supposed to be faster. The website also delivers to PO Boxes. The company has promised to compensate customers whose packages are damaged or go missing during the shipping process.



The customer reviews and testimonials for this company are only available on their official website. Most of the customer feedback is positive, thanking the website for making accurate and reliable deliveries. The customers seem to hail from countries all over Europe. There is no way to accurately verify any of these reviews.

fake reviews


Conclusion earns a trust level of 10%. At the very least, the company seems to have a few loyal consumers with whom it has actually transacted. And they’ve been in business for quite a while, so that has to count for something. That being said, this is still a risky website.

 There are no good reasons to presume that they are not a scam.


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