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main page looks like a leading Swiss-based pharmacy that sells high-quality drugs and medications to patients across the entire world. However, a detailed, objective fact-finding investigation into the website’s operations and credibility shows that this online pharmacy is a scam. This is a comprehensive report of our extensive research.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2009-05-18
Owner CountrySwitzerland, Singapore
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationThe Swiss Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingno
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Domain Info

This website’s domain was initially registered on 17th May 2009. The domain was updated on the 17th of June 2017 after its expiry. Being in operation for over eight years is considered unusual for most scam businesses and this length of time should be enough to show that the website is a duly certified one. However, the information about the user and the organization itself has been screened from the public view by a privacy service. Based on this revelation, it is easy to see why we believe this website is a scam.



Related Sites

The online pharmacy is associated with over 80 other similar websites who have similar outlines and characteristics. By closely associating with other scam websites, it is clear that the website is an illegal company that us culpable of partaking in syndicated online fraud. Not surprisingly, the website has been threat listed on ScamAdviser with the reports indicating that malware reports have been filed about the site.

threat listed site


Business Profile

This pharmacy has no record in business directories for European pharmacies and chemists and has conflicting details on ScamAdviser. The available information indicates that the owner is located in Switzerland and the website itself operates from Singapore a country on another continent. This disparity is difficult to explain logically and adds to the mounting evidence of illegality against the pharmacy.



Approvals from Regulatory Agencies

European pharmacies are mandated to be fully registered, certified and licensed by relevant statutory bodies before being cleared to open operations. However, this online drug store lacks any verifiable license or certificate from such agencies. To add to this, the website has been flagged as a rogue internet pharmacy on LegitScript which in effect means that purchasing medications and pharmaceutical products from the company is a high-risk endeavour.



Available Products

The pharmacy shows a range of products usually found in the majority of conventional legitimate drug stores across the world in its effort to appear like a real online chemist. However, all these products are unidentified generic products purchased on the Asian continent with China and India among its most likely sources; two countries that are famous for supplying low-quality drugs and medicines. The questionable source of the products listed on the company website shows that the company could be in league with other illegal operators to obtain fake medications at cheap prices.




The drugs and pharmaceutical items sold by this pharmacy are sold at much lower prices compared to legit drug stores. The substantial difference in price is made possible by the regular purchase of low-grade products from sources that are equally illegal and are closely associated with illegal trans-border smuggling and product counterfeiting.


Payments and Deliveries

Potential customers looking to purchase drugs from this online pharmacy have payment options like Bitcoin, E-checks and bank transfers. There are few card related options on the site and there are complaints from various customers about the credibility of the pharmacy’s payment channels and delivery service.

shipping policy



Available reviews about this website clearly indicate that they have been doctored to appear legitimate. The feedback continues to appear on various rogue platforms and contain the same words which show that the company does not have any credible testimonials from actual customers who have bought drugs and other pharmaceutical products from the drug store. This is yet another reason why we believe the website is a scam.

some feedback



It is important for legitimate businesses and organizations to inspire a high degree of confidence in potential customers and clients. This confidence comes from having the right qualities to be considered as a high-quality source of products and services. has none of these attributes. The pharmacy has no license from a regulatory agency. In addition, its high threat rating on ScamAdviser is a real danger sign that indicates that it is a complete scam. Based on our research, this pharmacy can only be rated a 20% trust level.

 Buying drugs or doing any business with this online pharmacy is a huge risk that should not be taken by anyone.


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  1. This store is not a scam I have ordered lots of drugs from this store and gotten everyone of them except for one in which I got refunded for it.

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