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At first glance, Siam Power Drug seems like a normal pharmacy that you will visit every time you’re in need of medication. It has a simple web layout and essential functions as well. However, as soon as you browse down the website, you may notice some loopholes which are questionable and rather doubt-urging. In this review, we aim to tell you about our thorough assessment of the pharmacy.


Domain Details
Date of Registration2019-12-29
Owner CountryUS
Contact Datano
Business Information
Name of OrganisationSiamPowerDrug
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingyes
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Domain Info

As per their website, Siam Power Drug provides customers with top-notch goods. They appear to labor under cerebral guidance, ensuring that every single product and buy is made and wrapped with the utmost care and skill. 2019-12-29Similar to others, they appear to prioritize quality in order to enhance your lifestyle.

In comparison, Siam Power Drug appears to be relatively new to online medications. According to Whois, the website was just recently signed up on December 29, 2019, and will end on the exact date next year (2023). Their physical location is Bangkok, Thailand. Additional information must be evaluated.


Business Profile

USSiam Power Drug is a new website in the pharmaceuticals industry, so they are employing various marketing strategies to attract clients. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem if they provide evidence that their assertions are factual. As we verified the company with Scam Advisor, it received a trust score of 83/100, which really is poor and worrisome. Given that they are a relatively new website, it must at least have such a rate of trust that is high. Low scores indicate that they are likely scams.


Regulatory Approvals

The rules for recognitions and licenses that a corporation must fulfill are the basis for transparency and provide evidence of it. It is of the utmost significance in drug stores, which put a strong emphasis on their customers’ physical lifestyles and well-being. Because of this, you are now able to check the appropriate permits required by a website to know whether or not you support it. Both the NABP nor the CIPA did not evaluate Siam Power Drug. This can only demonstrate the fact that Siam Power Drug is not reliable in terms of locating high-quality products and medicines.

no recommended


Products and Pricing

Siam Power Drug offers a broad spectrum of essential pharmaceuticals for men’s and maternal issues. They have a plethora of formulas to increase women’s ovulation and men’s muscularity. productsOther than that, they also provide drugs for:

  • sensitivities, antibiotics
  • anti-virals, asthma
  • heart rate, birth control
  • insulin, and cholesterol

Pills for anxiety, diabetes, loss of hair, ulcer, relaxation, pain medication, skin care, sleeping help, losing weight, and health are also available. The product prices appear to be fair to their guarantee of cheap ones. However, you can’t just simply purchase a product because it’s cheap if you’re not convinced of its legitimacy.


Payment and Shipping

Siam Power Drug only accepts payment and transactions through PayPal as they believe it is the most convenient. However, in their Payment and Shipping section, they mentioned that they only accept payment from Visa or Mastercard, which may cause huge confusion to customers.

for free

The shipping method they offer is called International Airmail, which costs $7 but is free for the first purchase. This type of shipping method takes 10-21 days to arrive, depending on your location. They mention two ways for you to receive the parcel. In the first one, you can deliver it to your address; The second is pick-up delivery.



We tried our best to find any feedback, testimonials, and posts regarding Siam Power Drug, but we couldn’t find any. This indicates that the pharmacy is not actually known, and not many customers visit it. From 2019 up to now, there are, unfortunately, 0 customers who managed to leave their insights about the website. But looking on the bright side, this “no review” status proves that they are scams.

no reviews



There are too many mentioned loopholes in Siam Power Drug, but all of them direct the conclusion that they are scams. The pharmacy is not well-known, and clearly, they didn’t have many sales. It must be why they can’t afford to enhance the appearance and design of their website. But regardless of their motives, it’s sad that they will be risking the health of their customers. If you’re still planning to order from this pharmacy, please remember that we warned and gave all the facts.

  If you’re still planning to order from this pharmacy, please remember that we warned and gave all the facts.  


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