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main page is an online drugstore which stakes claims on offering high-quality medications at super reduced prices to a global clientele base. The business owners also claim to be champions of the top-rated client services. However, we differ with most of these allegations and the attestation for our inference on this online operation lies right in the analysis of the business profile as is detailed below. Keep reading…

Domain Details
Date of Registration2011-04-09
Owner CountryUS, Barbados
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationAceso Universal LTD
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-Number+1-800 -897-1053
Live Chat Optionno
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingfor all orders
Payment Methods


Domain Information

The domain name was first registered in April 2011 and later updated in April 2017. Up to the moment, the business has been operational for seven years. This number of years should mean that the business is trusted and has generally improved their services, which isn’t the case.


Nevertheless, the number of years a business has been operating alone should not form the only basis of making substantial conclusions about it. We need to look into more information as we have just done below.


Business Profile

The pharmacy operates under the business name which is hidden according to WhoIs. However, on their official website, they use Aceso Universal LTD as their business name, which is only a forgery. ScamAdviser determines that the site is US based but may also be from Barbados. This causes suspicion in any rational thought.



Regulatory Approvals

This is one of the strongest pillars of determining the legitimacy of online stores like this one. We did searches for the domain name of this web drugstore to see whether they’re operating legally or no. Our results bore no fruits as indicated below.


A search on LegitScript revealed that the site meets LegitScript’s definition of a rogue pharmacy. NAPB has listed this online drugstore as unsafe. CIPA hasn’t issued this online drugstore with any legal certificate of operation. All these main regulatory bodies do not recognize the site as a safe or legit online drugstore. This clearly indicates that the online business is operating illegally.




Does this pharmacy sell a wide range of drugs? Are the drugs safe? There is a wide range of medications sold. Upon landing on their homepage, you get to see the generic medications they sell, grouped in their various categories, and arranged in an alphabetical order. Examples of these drugs include Singulair, Arimidex and Plavix.

popular pills

Further, you can hit the search button provided and type the exact name of the drug you actually want to purchase. When you click on the name of a drug, its details appear. However, it isn’t true that these drugs are sourced from FDA-approved sources. Our investigation reveals that these drugs come from India, a country that has ever been linked with cases of drug counterfeiting.



According to them, their prices are 80%-90% lower than those of other pharmacies. Indeed, that is true, but not all of their prices have proven to comply with the information they give. Furthermore, those that are 80% or 90% less costly than in the legit online pharmacies have no good reason for being that cheap. Instead, they are likely to be sourced from illegal stores and this puts the users at a risk of using poison!


Payment Options

The website accepts only two payment options and this inconveniences most of their potential clients who’d like to purchase drugs with them but aren’t users of these payment methods. For clients within the US, E-check payments, powered by Visa are used solely.

secure certification

The good news is that both the payment options are SSL secured and the user is assured of maximum security for their funds and bank details.


Delivery Details

After purchasing the drugs, you expect them to be shipped to wherever you are You have to know the method that is used to deliver these drugs to you before even purchasing the drugs since you need to confirm whether the method is a reliable one. The drugstore delivers all drugs through the Standard Airmail and the Express Mail Service (EMS).

shipping policy

All deliveries are free of charge. You should expect your parcel within 7-21 days after requesting for the delivery. However, there’s no tracking option provided for, except for some few countries like the US, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, China, Singapore and the U.K. The deliveries come from India.



We have found positive feedback on the site. The reviewers cite some little problems with the site but finally conclude that the services are just fine. However, we realized that a small portion of these reviews is also on other sites. This doesn’t make them trustworthy.




A 30% trust level is deserved by This is supported by both their positive and negative actions. They’ve got limited payment options, unjustifiable pricing on their goods, no legal certificates of operation and they use a fake business profile. However, the behavior of their website is pleasing and they provide maximum security for their clients’ personal details.

 Summing up, we want to pay your attention to the fact that this pharmacy is likely to be unsafe.


Pharmacy Ranking

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