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main page is a supposedly reputable online Indian pharmacy that can be trusted to deliver a wide variety of medicines, pharmaceutical products, and other similar items. However, our investigations reveal that the website is not as legitimate as it is made to look despite the title indicating that it might be a safe place to buy medicines. Find a comprehensive review of the online pharmacy below.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2014-02-19
Owner CountryUS, Barbados
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationSafe Generic Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-Number+1 646 918 1612
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailno
Free Shippingfor orders valued over 199$
Payment Methods


Domain Info

The domain was first registered on 19th of February 2014. The domain name was updated on 12th September 2018 after its expiry. The period of operation does not clearly set the company aside as a legit online pharmacy.


Although scam websites do not last for a long time, some rogue companies have found ways to stay in business for up to half a decade without necessarily adhering to approved standards or obtaining relevant licenses. To bolster this claim, necessary details about the company and the owner has been concealed from the general public. With this findings, it is easy to see why we don’t believe this pharmacy is a legit online drugstore.


Related Sites

The Indian online pharmacy is associated with more than 75 websites. Some of these websites are legitimate while others are questionable and have been flagged as scam or rogue website at one time or the other. This uncertainty about the websites similar to it makes it easy to suspect the chemist of being a scam. However, it has a good trust rating on ScamAdviser which might indicate that it might be legit.


Business Profile

The pharmacy has a business name that is consistent on its website and licensing agencies. We also discovered a few details that could raise a few eyebrows. The name Safe Generic Pharmacy is boldly written as the website title. However,  the company’s website is hosted in the US while the owner resides in Barbados; a potentially high-risk company.



Approvals from Regulatory Agencies

Pharmacies all over the world are stipulated to obtain relevant certifications and approvals from regulatory bodies. This is done to ensure strict compliance to the highest possible standards and make sure that products that have been listed are safe to buy. This online chemist has no such certification. It does not display any certificates or seals on its homepage. This might indicate that the company does not comply with all the specifications in terms of sophistication and operational model.



Available Products

There is a broad range of available products in this online pharmacy. These products are categorized based on their composition and functions into a long list of options that can be purchased on the site.

broad assortment

It has drugs for emergencies, women’s health and remedies for viral infections among other products. This variety of medications seems to show that it is a legit drugstore.
However, most of these products do not have pure legitimate sources and are generic products from India and Pakistan. These regions are associated with cross-border smuggling and illegal drug sales.



This Indian pharmacy gives a 10% discount on the products displayed on its website. It also provides free shipping on purchases that exceed a particular amount. The difference in price is substantial but not alarming. To be able to sell at that price, the company has to buy from prices lower than the average market price and this means the medicines might come from unsafe sources.



Payments and Deliveries

The website accepts payment through common channels like MasterCard and has a secure connection through which products can be ordered. It has a worldwide delivery policy but such claims are debatable due to the country the shipment is coming from and some customers have made complaints about this

free shipping



Every business enterprise prides itself on getting quality feedback from its customers as a mark of its capability and trust rating. There are mixed reviews about this online pharmacy on sites like TrustPilot. While some customers hailed the promptness of deliveries and quality of products, some others had issues with delivery and orders. This uncertainty makes it difficult to say the site is completely legit.

some reviews



Most websites are easily classified as a scam or legit. This online Indian pharmacy, however, is somewhere in between. Despite a high trust rating on ScamAdviser, it is flagged as a rogue on LegitScript and lacks certain certifications. This indicates that although the company might be legit, there are some basic question marks about it.

 Therefore, it has a 35% trust level meaning it isn’t technically unsafe and isn’t a recommended pharmacy.


Pharmacy Ranking

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