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Looking for a review of Or, are you wondering if this is a legit drugstore or not? If yes, then you have surely landed on the right page. We have taken a deeper look at the pharmacy platform, its domain, business profile, products and pricing, payment and shipping, delivery, and more.

Domain Details
Date of Registration2007-02-25
Owner CountryUnited States
Contact Datayes
Business Information
Name of OrganisationREX MD
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Email[email protected]
Live Chat Optionyes
Courier Mailyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods


Domain Info

Let’s start the review of this pharmacy through its domain info via WhoIs. The domain has been registered in 2007. The domain registration date is mentioned as 2007-02-25. There is one good thing about this internet pharmacy – it has experience of operating their business for about a few years. The domain will be expired on 2021-02-25. The domain is registered by Uniregistrar Corp. In addition to it, the pharmacy has ensured to provide all the details about their domain registrant contact info that includes the domain registrant name, address, phone number, email address, and more.



Business Profile

Let’s now have a look at the business profile info of this online drugstore. We will need to find out if this pharmacy has received a high trust rating or not. To validate this, we have visited ScamAdviser and we have found out that the site has received a 100% trust score. USIt implies that the platform is safe and legit. It’s reliable and worth your trust. While validating the business profile info of this pharmacy via ScamAdviser, we have found that the business profile address, contact number, and email address details are provided. Note, the business profile address is given as 5882 BOLSA AVE 230, HUNTINGTON BEACH, Postal code: 92649, Country: US. The platform is getting operated from the United States. Let’s quickly summarize the business profile info of this drugstore:

❋ It’s having a trust score of 100%
❋ The site seems legit and reliable
❋ The business profile details are all mentioned too
❋ The possible country likelihood is mentioned as the United States


Regulatory Approvals

Has this online pharmacy received any regulatory approvals? Well, we have investigated and found out if this platform has the approval from LegitScript. According to LegitScript, the platform is a certified one. There are two excellent things about this pharmacy. First of all, it has successfully complied with LegitScript’s internet pharmacy verification standards. Secondly, the platform is operating a legitimate business. Thus, this platform seems to be absolutely safe and reliable. You can trust this pharmacy for sure!



Products and Pricing

This pharmacy mainly has one aim – the platform can help you diagnose and treat men’s health conditions. You will get access to various affordable, discreet, and quick solutions for men’s health medications. These medicines are sourced from licensed drug manufacturers. They come at a reasonable and affordable price. We have compared the pricing of these medicines with the industry-standard rate and we have found that the drug pricing is kept at par with the average industry standard rate. Note, the pharmacy sells both generic and brand-name pills.



Payment and Shipping

You can place an order with this pharmacy through any conventional payment methods that include credit cards and debit cards. The platform claims to offer you free shipping. There is no shipping fee as such. All orders are dispatched through the USPS shipping service. The delivery timeline varies a lot based on the actual recipient’s address. Since the orders are dispatched through standard USPS shipping service, it takes two-four days to deliver an order.



Customer Testimonials

If you want to know if this drugstore has received any customer testimonials or not, then you must check this section. We have validated it via TrustPilot and we have not found any customer reviews as such. The overall rating for this drugstore platform is nil.

no reviews


Conclusion is not a scam! It is having the approval from LegitScript. The site has shared the complete details about their business profile and domain profile. We are concerned about only one thing – the site has not received any customer reviews.

 Considering all of the above facts, we have provided it a trust level of 65%.


Pharmacy Ranking

We have created a rating of online pharmacies which gained our trust on the basis of their verified certificates, great customer feedback and quality services. Have a look and find the best store satisfying your needs.

44 thoughts on “ Reviews – 100% on ScamAdviser”

  1. REXMD is a predatory web site and should be closed down based on the repeated harassment I’ve received. This company took all of my personal data including credit card information and failed to provide what they claimed to be able to deliver. They are not in any way an advocate for men’s health and will continually harass you even after you call in person requesting them to cease and desist harassing emails and text messages. REXMD utilizes a business model that is worse than a collection agency and does not keep your data secure. My personal experiences of receiving more than 20 text messages and over 15 emails in 30 minutes on a Sunday afternoon exemplifies the outright contempt REXMD has with respecting men’s privacy. REXMD is a preditor of men in need of help with erectile dysfunction. If any lifetime business harassed a woman as they have with me, REXMD would be paying millions of dollars in damages because of the harm and stress caused by their actions. Avoid REXMD, and go elsewhere for your medication. REXMD is terrible and Stacy Robert at REXMD should be held accountable for harassment.

  2. I was not notified that they automatically send meds every month. I have asked them to stop and they are still sending and billing me.

  3. After completing the personal online data, it was obvious that this company is an absolute fraud. I did not provide them my credit card info and would advise that no one should. You can find numerous websites for viagra or your doctor can provide a script if you believe it would be of help. Stay away from these crooks who are trying to rip you off and take advantage of people with an ED problem. They are simply selling ED drugs at very exorbitant prices and taking advantage of people with serious problems. See your doctor!!

    • Hello, James! Thanks for leaving your comment here. Hope everyone who is thinking about making their order from this online pharmacy will read it.

  4. Stay far away. Good luck if you ever need to get in touch with support or have an order changed or get charges removed. Nothing but long waits and wasted hours of dealing with incompetence. Terrible business!

    • Hello, Mike! Although the pharmacy looks legit and is certified by LegitScript we found out they have negative reviews, thanks for leaving your comment, it helps a lot.

      • I received the product from Rex MD two times. The reviews said it is impossible to cancel with these people. I called to cancel and they said, “no problem, it’s canceled”. That was easy. Until I kept receiving bills on my credit card and NOT receiving anything at all. For three months I’m going back and forth with my bank about these charges. My bank changed my credit card number due to their unfair business practices. Two words of advice: STAY AWAY!!!

        • Hello, Abel! Nothing has changed… They say no problem but it’s a nightmare! So the reviews tell the truth. I wish other people paid more attention to them.

  5. RexMD is definitely a scam. They sell a “sample pack” and do not make it clear that it is a recurring subscription. Furthermore, their order confirmations don’t include this information, and the Terms and Conditions are not clear (they merely state “if you participate in an automatic renewal program”, and do not clarify that this is indeed the case). Also, their FAQ states that members can cancel at any time from their Account page, but there is no such function on that page, and there is nothing on the Order page that indicates that orders are recurring. Finally, there is no way to delete the payment information from the account. This company really ought to be investigated and the legality of their business practices assessed.

    • Hello, Jay! Perhaps they hide some important points on purpose in order to deceive customers. So one should be very careful while dealing with this online drugstore. Thanks for commenting!

  6. On Jan 6 they pulled my money out of my account but they have given me the run around on my audio consultation, they missed calling me for 2 appointments now. Even when hours beforehand I was on the phone with customer support to confirm the said conclusion. They have now switched who my physician is supposed to be and days later I’ve yet to hear from them via email or phone. Customer service email is responsive yet basically pointless. It’s almost a month now and I have nothing to show for all the money I paid.

    • Hello, Anthony! Sorry to hear about your experience with RexMD. Try to ask them for a new consultation. And better find another service. Thank you very much for leaving a comment.

    • Hello, Gerald! Did you contact their customer support? Maybe something just went wrong. Anyway thanks for your comment and take care!

  7. They did not process my cancellation from December. Forced me to take another delivery. No answer on customer service number. Received email stating they can’t stop order even though their tracking number hasn’t showed up on USPS.

  8. They are 100% a scam. They’ve taken my money and keep insisting they need more time to review my case. And that’s all they’ll tell me.

  9. I too was not notified that they automatically send meds every month. I caught and canceled my second order and told them to cancel my account. Three months went by (they put your account on a pause) and I received any email they were sending another order. Again I called, canceling my order and asked that my account and credit card information be removed from their site. The Rep said she didn’t have access to remove it, but would black-flag it. I later went back into my account and it was still active. Again I notified customer service via email that if my account wasn’t deleted and my credit card information removed I would file a compliant with the Federal Trade Commission. The reply I received back was ”
    Nichole M. (REX MD)

    May 28, 2021, 3:03 PM EDT

    Thank you for your email. We would be happy to assist you, I do not have access to delete an account. Please call us at 866.294.3772 between the hours of 9am-9pm EST Monday- Friday or 9am-5pm EST Saturday, and a medical concierge can assist you with your request.

    Thank you and have a great day!

    Once you establish an account with these people and they get your credit card information its impossible for you to delete or remove your credit card information. Oh, they never asked me if I wanted to keep my credit card information on file as other Web sites do. I’m still filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

    • Hello, Edward! Thank you for such a detailed comment and for giving us an idea of ​​how to act in a similar situation. Hope everything will work out in your favor. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

  10. Add me to the list of people who got scammed by this company. They send you a sample pack on a subscription basis, tell you that cancelling is easy, but in reality, they go out of their way to make it very difficult to cancel. Just ask your doctor for a prescription. It’s often free. If you can’t talk to your doctor about your health, find another doctor.

    • Hello, Chuck! Unfortunately, you’re not the first to complain about having difficulties with cancelling the subscription. The scheme this online pharmacy uses helps them to charge much money. I’m so sorry you got scammed.

    • Hello, Randy! Please contact their customer support to get an answer to your question. I’m not sure about the time they usually take to fill prescriptions. But if you read comments written by other people here you will see that dealing with this website is rather risky.

  11. This company is fraudulent. They would lure you with promise of profits but when you try to withdraw your money they would ask for more. The police and securities commission could not help until I found a Recoverry firm and they helped me get my money after some weeks of investigations. Seek help today reach out to “ScamInspect dot com”.

  12. I have been scammed by I requested to cancel my order. They did. A physician never tried to confirm my info. They do not refund any order. They keep your interest by sending you emails that I call “candymails” frequently. When you buy they bill you immediately. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Stay away.

    • Hello, John! I’m sorry you got yourself into a vexing situation. Please next time take precautions before ordering and look through our pharmacy reviews. Good luck!

  13. who the HELL needs a 30-day supply of “fake” Viagra every 30 days???? anyway, here we go…. so, i spoke to a customer representative which i was unable to get any assistance with so i was transferred to “LEA” (employee# 3056007) which i was told is a manager. she was very rude and uncooperative. no sense of understanding and refused to help me. i assume that i am wasting my time writing this since i have read many negative reviews from rex md customers online who have been scammed as well. when i tried to post a review on rex md website and realized that there was no way to post even though i was currently a customer i went on the website and used the “chat with us feature” to inquire how to post a review. i was told the website was being worked on that i would have to send my review to them and then they would post it. LOL that way rex md could screen and only post the reviews that they like….LOL..very frustrating… i figure if nothing else i can copy/paste these letters and post them on BBB website and any others that i can find. i have already cancelled my account with rex md and have cancelled/changed my cc# so this will not happen again. since my order has not shipped yet (which i told “LEA” to stop the order) the charge is in pending status and i cannot dispute the charge or return to sender from fed ex because the order hasn’t shipped only a label was created and fed ex can’t help me yet. i will have to walk through all these steps. i will have to find the time because i like everyone else don’t like to be scammed. i never signed up for monthly deliveries and this was a one-time purchase. the way that rex md scams people i am reluctant to even try one of these pills. that’s right, i haven’t even taken one yet because i have been dealing with 2 kidney stones. who the hell would need to take “fake” viagra every day??? which is the only way rex md could justify sending a 30 pill order out every month. that alone should tell you this is a scam. may the FUN begin….. lesson learned…. please don’t make my MISTAKE…. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!

    • Hello! Thank you very much for your detailed comment, I still hope many people search for online pharmacy reviews and read them. Your warning is important, keep spreading your story.

  14. Had no problem receiving my order. The generic cialis does not work, will try and get my money back, from looking at the reviews that might be a waste of time.

    • Hello, Anthony! Have you ordered generics previously? Perhaps they don’t work for you and you need to think about brand medications.

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