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It would be a mistake to call PushРealth.com an internet pharmacy. It is actually a consultation resource that allows physicians and patients to engage one another over the internet. The website has a number of qualified healthcare professionals in its database. It has also partnered with laboratories and over fifty thousand pharmacies from all over the United States. Their objective is to provide comprehensive healthcare consultation services at affordable prices.

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Date of Registration2012-08-09
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Name of OrganisationPush Health
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Domain Details

The website was registered in 2012 which makes the online venture twelve-years-old. Twelve years is a decent age. It shows that the website has not only survived but they have thrived. Of course, the owner’s decision to hide their registration information behind a privacy service is a little worrisome. It suggests that maybe they have something they don’t want you to see. But for the moment, you are better off not making any assumptions.



Related Websites

Every medical portal requires strong online associations to bolster its reputation. This one has almost three dozen other sites on its server. The website has a decent Alexa ranking. And the 100 percent trust rating from ScamAdviser is very encouraging. However, you should also know that the firm’s registrar is favored by a number of fake sites. So you should apply some caution.

high trust


Business Profile

This online resource was created by Chirag Shah and Mathew Williamson. Chirag’s interest in medicine was sparked by his father when he was just a child. As he matured, Chirag, who has a Yale University MD and a Harvard Business School MBA, decided that he wanted to improve the healthcare system. So he joined forces with Williamson whose father was a pathologist. Williamson has a Rice University BA. He understands healthcare better than most other people because he managed the American Government’s largest privatization. He has also done work for defense companies. The dream Williamson and Chirag had was given life by Steven Bull, an MIT graduate who built the website and the app that acts as the backbone of this medical resource.

company storyThe website aims to connect healthcare providers to patients. Physicians, nurses and the like can join the company for free. Using the website’s resources, they can engage in conversations with patients over the internet. The website allows them to order lab tests, provide guidance to patients, and even write prescriptions. They can also generate invoices and receive payments.


All communication between healthcare providers and their patients is secure. The people behind the app go out of their way to make sure that each one of their 4000+ medical practitioners complies with HIPAA rules. So interacting with a doctor over this website is no different from talking to a physician in person. For the moment, it looks like the firm operates out of Torrance in California. They have a verifiable business address.


Push Health BBB

Another vital thing to consider when evaluating the credence of Push Health is its Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile. On the BBB site, there is a profile for Push Health which can enlighten one on how the company deals with business and customers. The presence of this profile in itself shows that the firm is known and tracked by some credible consumer protection groups.


To resolve customer complaints and remain transparent in their operations, BBB states that Push Health has shown responsibility. This accountability and customer satisfaction are behind its position as a reliable service provider. Push Health is accredited by BBB, further reinforcing its commitment to maintaining high standards of service


Services Offered

This app doesn’t actually sell medicine. The doctors it employs will write you prescriptions that you can use to get medicine. They offer consultations and lab tests that you can pursue through one of several testing partners scattered all around the country.

performed offers


PushHealth.com Cost

Cost is very important to know when thinking about using PushHealth.com. The cost of the services rendered on PushHealth.com differs based on particular consultations and specific healthcare provider’s charges. Usually, the costs are reasonably priced making it a good choice for most patients looking for medical advice.

no hidden fees

On the other hand, there are no other hidden payments apart from just paying for consultations plus a handling fee at pushhealth.com. This clarity guarantees that patients what they are settling their bills for which may be virtual consults, lab orders, or medications dispensed to them.


How It Works

You only pay for the consultation services and the website’s processing fee. After all, it takes resources to maintain the site and its app. The fee is determined by the individual doctors and the services you require. But it is normally quite low. There are no hidden charges. This app always tells you exactly what you are paying for. They don’t offer delivery services because they don’t sell anything. Once they give you your prescription, you can collect your medicine from any pharmacy you choose. Lab test results are sent directly to your email. But again, you must choose a convenient lab to visit in order to provide your samples. Payments are made via credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.




You can look at their feedback in the Android store and see that they have a perfect score of 5 out of 5 although there are not so many comments yet.



Push Health Complaints

The platform has had several customer complaints lately, despite its many good features that are worthy of note. Some customers have gone as far as describing Push Health as a ‘rip-off’ especially when it comes to the fulfillment of prescriptions for weight loss medications. According to the review of 28th May 2024, they do not send the prescription to a patient’s preferred pharmacy but insist on supplying it at exorbitant charges themselves. The lack of customer support was also mentioned by this reviewer which makes verifying the authenticity of prescriptions provided quite difficult.

negative comment



Though Push Health has its highs—most of them being hearing a profile from the BBB, and it either has many partnerships with different pharmacies or laboratories—there are also pitfalls. Current reviews reflect some of the most popular issues in poor customer service, high prescription costs, and lousy communication with physicians. In contrast to those, the profile at the BBB and transparency efforts were in place to prove otherwise that Push Health is quite a legitimate service. Finally, users should weigh these factors and perform due diligence before joining the platform.

However, none of those factors prevent his firm from earning a trust rating of 60%.

 In the long run, their online platform is very professional, they offer verifiable services and they only use licensed medical personnel.


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We have created a rating of online pharmacies which gained our trust on the basis of their verified certificates, great customer feedback and quality services. Have a look and find the best store satisfying your needs.

12 thoughts on “PushHealth.com Reviews – Deserves Hype”

    They just tried to scam me into being a work from the home medical biller. I spent HOURS on google hangout as they spent A LOT of time trying to reel me in. Long story short, I just got off hangout with the Nigerian prince or Russian bride or whoever the hell it is. Got the “check” this morning. Phoniest damn thing I’ve ever seen! Even now that bastard is trying to get me to go along with him. Whoever it is that needs to be contacted so that these bastards get shut down, let’s make that happen!!! Also, I took photos of the “check” and an accompanying letter full of poorly worded English. Spread the word, please!!!

  2. I received a text message from a Tina Howard stating that the Push Health had gotten my resume off of a job site, asked me to connect w/a Lewis Gronberg on hangouts immediately for an interview. I was curious so I did that; it just didn’t really sit right with me. He said to be available at 8 am today (Monday) to complete the interview. When I logged on the job description had changed so had the pay rate. Then he stated that he needed all my information sent to his hangout address because he is the HR MANAGER. I have tried to research both him and Ms. Howard and their connection to this company and have come up empty-handed. What do we have to do to get these people shut down, prosecuted?

    • Hello, Stacey! I hope you are having a nice day.

      I’m sorry you spent your time and found out those guys are scammers. Thanks for letting us know! I think you should write to PushHealth so that they knew that someone is using their company name to scam job applicants. Joe Lane who left his comment here with the same complaint thought it was Push Health who was to be blamed.

  3. Got a prescription for antibiotics sent to my pharmacy with a $40 dollar, 10-minute phone consultation. Well worth it. Definitely not a scam.

    • Hello, Rick! It’s great you liked their service and wrote to us. Thanks and good luck with your future orders 🙂

  4. Pushhealth is a scam. I paid $69.99, they sent a script to my pharmacy, but insurance would not cover it. It just needed to be switched to a generic version. Pushhealth wanted another $89.99. I never got a usable script. I msged them many times and they ignored me. Avoid!!!

    • Hello, Fred! I’m so sorry you didn’t manage to get the right script. Thanks for leaving a comment! Our visitors should know the truth.

  5. This is a total scam. I paid $114 for nothing because its been three days. They have not done anything and they do not reply. I cancelled the request and I now have to contact the bank to get my money back. Total scam.

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