Public Health at Breaking Point

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The USA has one of the world’s largest health budgets however it is famously not the most efficient. Failing to deliver the same caliber of healthcare to its citizens due to lack of inefficiency. In other words, in the USA, you spend more money for less. Recent events in the world such as the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated the situation. In this article, we will talk about what you should do about the fact that public health in America is at a breaking point.


COVID-19 Pandemic Has Been Unprecedented

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It is not an exaggeration to say that no health agency around the world was properly prepared for what the COVID-19 virus would bestow upon them. The Coronavirus has resulted in a large shortage of hospital beds for patients. Due to the increased number of people that require intensive and emergency care due to being seriously affected by COVID-19. This in turn has made it much more difficult or important for individuals suffering from other serious health conditions to access treatment. Many important surgeries and health procedures have been postponed due to not being immediately life-threatening.


Labor Shortages

Another very big issue facing the USA health system is the labor shortage. As in all other developed countries, in the United States, an increasing proportion of the population is living longer and longer. The older a person is, the more likely they are to suffer from a serious illness that requires a lot of medical attention. Due to this, there is a seemingly never-ending demand for healthcare workers are required.

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The dramatic spike in demand caused by COVID-19 has made the labor shortage situation in the United States situation even worse. Furthermore, there has been a big increase in the number of people quitting their jobs in the healthcare sector. Due to being overworked and also a lack of willingness for medical professionals to risk their lives.


Lack of Government Funding

In 2020, the United States spent $4.1 trillion on its healthcare system. This is a massive amount of money, but it is still not enough to order to meet all of the needs. In the USA, pharmaceutical companies have a lot of influence in government due to their excessive lobbying efforts. Therefore, the USA public health system pays a lot more money for the exact same drugs compared to the public health bodies in other rich countries.

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Prioritize Prevention

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In order to ensure that you are healthy, you should prioritize prevention rather than hoping for a quick and easy cure. Prevention can come in a number of forms depending on the illness. Such as making sure that you are healthy by having an adequate BMI level and keeping good hygiene. As for COVID-19, it is highly recommended that you get all of the required vaccinations and also wear a mask. You can purchase masks and high-quality drugs for weight loss from leading online drugstores. Just make sure they have trustworthy online pharmacy reviews.


Get Your Vaccinations

In the United States, like in all other developed nations. Getting your vaccinations is totally free. Furthermore, patients are given the option of choosing between vaccines from different manufacturers. Although the side effects of vaccines are minuscule, with a much higher chance of you getting run over by a car. It is still beneficial psychologically for people to have a choice.



Do Not Forget the Boosters

Once you get a vaccine you will be much better protected from COVID-19. Your body will be much better at fighting the viruses, meaning that you are less likely to fall ill. As well as you being much less likely to spread it to your loved ones. However, it is also key that you consume all of the boosters. A booster is a small dose of a vaccine, whose job is to remind and further strengthen your body’s immune system against this illness. You can learn more in the section that we have included below.


Remember To Take Frequent Tests

Also, you must make sure to take frequent tests. Depending on your job, you may be required to take lateral flow tests every two days. Lateral flow tests are provided for free. Although they are a bit less accurate than PCR tests, since they are taken frequently they will be over the long-term provide a high degree of accuracy. It is important to point out that vaccination does not make you invincible against a disease, instead, it raises your chances of survival.

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Consume High-Quality Medication

Always make sure that you are buying your medication from a healthcare provider that values its customers. The first sign you should look for is whether they happen to be regulated by a leading regulatory agency. The second sign is the online pharmacy reviews. In the best situation, these reviews will be high in number and also be from real customers or established e-pharmacy review websites.



Use Private Health Providers

If you are really in need of medical attention such as surgery or a health check-up. Then a solution to this can be for you to visit a private for-profit hospital. This will, of course, be much more expensive but there are also benefits to this that we will cover below:

  • Fast – If you are willing to pay then you will be able to receive medical attention pretty much immediately. The doctors here get paid much more which means that they are better staffed.
  • Convenient – Private hospitals run like a business therefore they take great care to go out of their way to offer bonus services to their customers. This greater convenience can be extremely beneficial for patients in particularly great pain.
  • High-quality – In many cases, many of the best trained medical staff will go to work in private hospitals. Due to this, you are much more likely to receive medical care from the best doctors using state-of-the-art medical equipment.


Be More Patient and Understanding

Patience is always key especially in difficult and unpredictable times in history such as the one that we happen to find ourselves in now. As we have pointed out in this article, public health in America is at a breaking point. Rather than spending your time worrying about it. It is much better for you to instead be composed and have a long-term view. Everything will get better and sort itself with time. What you can do on your part is that you are keeping yourself and your family safe. By following all healthcare procedures and buying your medication from platforms with a good array of online pharmacy reviews.


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